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With plans of closing their doors to the United States sometime in September there is only going to be maybe one exchange or so that sells iota. How much do you think that this is going to affect the price of the coin and does anyone know when exactly binance plans on opening the fully regulated exchange for the United States. Does iota plan on having anymore on ramps for the United States anytime soon that I am unaware of?
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We URGENTLY need to have an exchange were Americans can legally buy iota and withdraw iota. Binance disabled withdrawals for too long now.

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Top Crypto Performers Overview: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, NEO, IOTA, Binance Coin, Stratis

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Top Crypto Performers Overview: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, NEO, IOTA, Binance Coin, Stratis

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Top Crypto Performers Overview: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, NEO, IOTA, Binance Coin, Stratis

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Buying IOTA, Binance?

Hey I was just curious where the people are buying IOTA, Binance for some reason freezes on the page to create my account. I don't know if its because I'm on a Mac or what, but I was hoping to see if there's other sites to purchase IOTA through.
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iota binance working,

12/30/18 08100 am MST, withdrawal button works, not suspended, processing withdrawal, not yet received tho.
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I REALLY hate that I can't withdraw my Iota from Binance.Us

Is there a way to set up alerts? Are they on a schedule for when they allow withdrawals? Not my keys, not my crypto! It makes me VERY uneasy leaving it on there! I want it safe and sound in my Ledger Nano.
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IOTA lost in Tangle

I hold / held IOTA at: and sent the entire amount to my account at about 10 hours ago.
You can see from the URL below that it appeared to have been a successful transaction:
However, I never received the IOTA in my IOTA Binance Wallet.
Also, even thought the transactions appears successful from the above URL, the IOTA appear to be still in the wallet I held them in at:, but I'm not allowed to try to resend them.
I don't understand anything about the IOTA "Tangle" myself, and would very much appreciate it if anyone could assist me in any way what could have gone wrong?
Kind regards,
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Coinex works for Americans

I am new to crypto and have been looking for a way to buy IOTA. Binance is not allowing Americans to open new accounts. I saw a few people here suggest Coinex, so that is the route I decided to take.
Well as of today, I am finally the owner of some IOTA. I deposited money on Coinbase and bought BTC but had to wait two weeks before I could transfer the money (lost some money :/). Today, I was able to transfer off Coinbase. About 20 minutes later, I had a balance on my Trinity wallet. I am an idiot and not super computer savvy so took a few minutes to figure out how to do it.
I vote for Coinex for US users when Binance shuts us out.
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IOTA deposits disabled on

I went to deposit some IOTA and it appears it is disabled. It's been a while since I've been on the exchange. Is this an ongoing issue?
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Volatility and unexpected price movement is quite common in the crypto industry, but (not to be confused with “.com”) takes this to an entirely different level with IOTA.
Take the recent price surge of Aug 10, 2020 for example. We witnessed a rise of MIOTA from about $0.35 to just under $0.42 on many exchanges. This was followed by a return to the mid-to-high $0.30’s less than 12 hours later. However, during this same timeframe, prices blew into $0.50’s territory, and hovered in the $0.40’s for well over 24 hours.
Putting that into perspective if you’re interested in trading IOTA - you could have achieved a 20% gain in 24 hours with most exchanges if you bought right before the surge and sold at the top. But with, you had an opportunity for a 45-55% gain in that same 24 hours. That difference is pretty significant!
I’ve noticed these extreme variances in volatility have occurred in other situations throughout the past year. How is this explained? I suspect it’s a consequence of adding up the following:
  1. is intended only for U.S. investors, which is a small subset of an exceptionally large global market. Less buyers and sellers implies less liquidity, and this would be expected to widen the ranges that market participants are willing to purchase or part with their assets (especially during surges and panics).
  2. Fortunately for (but not others), there currently aren’t many options available for U.S.-based investors to exchange IOTA. In fact, I suspect most users consider this their only option at the moment and are more likely to accept prices that are wildly different from the market averages. Many of them may not even be taking average market prices into consideration at all when deciding to buy or sell IOTA, effectively isolating as the "one true" representation of supply and demand (as far as U.S. investors are concerned).
  3. IOTA deposits and withdrawals are constantly being suspended on for long periods of time, and the reason isn’t entirely clear. This may discourage diversified U.S. crypto investors and traders from transacting IOTA through this platform, thus even further reducing the number of potential buyers and sellers (which circles back to #1 above).
I’m curious about others’ impressions and theories, as I’ve found the phenomena that is “” to be both frustrating and amusing at times. I'm searching for a better understanding of why these wild price fluctuations are happening, and how they may be impacting U.S. investors in general, as well as the larger market.
Also, feel free to share if you have any crazy trading experiences with - especially if you’ve noticed any interesting patterns that may further explain the often stupefying volatility.
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Iota from Bitfinex to Binance lost?

Hey, sorry in case such questions are being asked over and over again but I am still a beginner. I had some leftover IOTA on Bitfinex and wanted to close my account there for good so I wanted to transfer the IOTA (about 275) to binance. TX went through according to Bitfinex but it doesnt show on Binance and the TXID seems not to exist either.
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Unable to withdraw IOTA from Binance - network busy withdrawal suspended

Dear IOTA community,
I know that this issue has been addressed in the past already, thus I am merely pointing out that Binance continues to hold IOTA hostage and suspends withdrawals without further explanation (except for the IOTA network being busy).
See the following thread of mine in the binance subreddit
While I fully appreciate that congestion in DLTs are an issue, the only explanation I have for Binance not even initiating a withdrawal, i.e. push the transfer to the tangle, is holding funds until it is more "convenient" (i.e. price efficient) for Binance to process them.
I accept fully responsibility for going with Binance on my latest ETH/IOTA swap yet am surprised that with these business practices they are as popular as they are.

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Roast my portfolio

I'mlooking to adopt a growth strategy here , drop some dinosaurs and pickup some rockets
Coinomi: 0.3695 Electrum: 0.0889 Bittrex: 0.10973207
Binance: 4571
Binance: 670
Binance: 304
Bitfinex: 3.83829 Bittrex: 3.879
Bitfinex: 2000
Bitfinex: 1500
Bittrex: 30,000
Bittrex: 1000
Bittrex: 675
KuCoin: 145
XRP 30
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Binance Coin, IOTA, Zcash Price Analysis: 18 August

Binance Coin continued its uptrend, after a pullback in early August. BNB had important support levels to fall back to if faced with sell pressure. In the case of the market’s altcoins like IOTA and Zcash, both coins faced significant resistance near its current price level. Binance Coin [BNB] Source: BNB/USDT on TradingView Binance Coin […]
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Binance Coin, Tron, IOTA Price Analysis: 15 August

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Binance Coin, Tron, IOTA Price Analysis: 15 August

Many of the market’s cryptocurrencies, at the time of writing, were going through an upheaval of sorts on the charts. Binance Coin was in a general uptrend, before noting a retracement. On the other hand, TRON and IOTA gave significant signals regarding the direction of their future price movements. With Bitcoin attempting to breach $12,000, […]
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Binance Coin, Tron, IOTA Price Analysis: 15 August

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ETA for Iota withdrawals on

Hi all. The recent market activity sucked me back into crypto trading but I'm new to
Have Iota withdrawals been down for a while or is this a temporary thing? Anyone know how long before one can withdrawal?
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@binance: #Binance Will Add New Trading Pairs: #USDT/BKRW #BUSD/BKRW #IOTA/BUSD #MANA/USDT #XRP/AUD #BNB/AUD #AUD/USDT

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Transferred to wallet, please calm my nerves

I'm new to this, bought in earlier this week after obsessively reading everything I could on IOTA. Binance is finally open to making withdrawals so I sent my entire amount to my wallet without doing a tiny test run first... Let's hope I did it correctly!!! This community is great, tonight's pump is making me WEAK
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How to Buy IOTA on Binance!  UPDATED 2019 Guide! - YouTube how to buy IOTA on binance HOW TO: Use Binance Exchange To Trade For IOTA! (In Under ... How To Buy IOTA MIOTA in Binance Platform Anleitung zum IOTA Kaufen auf Binance ✅

The main innovation behind IOTA Binance is the Tangle. It’s a novel new distributed ledger architecture that is based on a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). One might refer to it as a “Blockchain without Blocks and the Chain” (semantically, it’s not really a Blockchain). Open Orders Order History Trade History Funds. Hide Other Pairs. Date The Blockchain Association welcomes Binance.US (08-13) Daily Recurring Buys are here! (07-23) IOTA / USD. Last Price — 24h Change — 24h High — 24h Low — 24h Volume — groups. Price(USD) Amount (IOTA) Total(USD) – – – – – ... The IOTA coin is starting its run to the moon and is attracting more and more people. And, Binance is one of the fastest growing excanyhanges in the cryptocurrency market that offers only crypto-to-crypto trading – it does not accommodate ANY fiat currencies. Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume

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How to Buy IOTA on Binance! UPDATED 2019 Guide! - YouTube

Binance is one of the fastest growing stock exchanges for cryptocurrencies. It has a large selection of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. ... How to Buy IOTA on Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange ... I teach you how to buy iota on binance fast! With iota growing at a fast speed you better go and buy it on binance! SIGN UP FOR BINANCE! https://www.binance.... In dem Video zeige ich euch wie ihr am einfachsten IOTA auf Binance kauft. Wer noch keine Bitcoins besitzt dem empfehle ich Coinbase (10$ Gratis für Neukunden): Binance ... How To Buy IOTA MIOTA in Binance Platform First create your Binance account here: then get verified, just submit valid id and documents. In this video, I walk you through how to buy IOTA on Binance step-by-step. I show you how to deposit funds on Binance exchange and then how to buy iota on Bi...