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Binance refferal link with up to 40% bonus for sign up.

Binance refferal link easy to use will give you up to 40% bonus when u sign up with them.
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Keeping track of Binance Refferal program value

Any ideas with regards to keeping track of the value of commission/referral coins gained via the Binance referral program?
Can’t seem to find the Satoshi value at time of trade.
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Binance refferal Code
For anyone new to Binance looking for a ref code 🤙🏼 Good Luck in this crypto currency frenzy family! We'll see you at the top 🛫🛫
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Binance - up to $100 in BNB from refferal GIFTPACK!

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Binance - up to $100 in BNB from refferal GIFTPACK!

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Binance - up to $100 in BNB from refferal GIFTPACK!

Binance - up to $100 in BNB from refferal GIFTPACK!
To celebrate Binance’s 3rd anniversary, Binance is holding a gift program with tasks for all Binance users to complete during the activity period, giving away a total of 10,000 BNB, 1,800,000 CHR, and 75,000 PNT tokens!
Please ensure that you update your App to the latest versions: iOS: V. 2.15.0 and Android: V.1.26.3 to participate in this activity.
3 Different Gifts to Collect!
  • Receive a BNB gift
  • Receive a CHR gift
  • Receive a PNT gift
Scan code and take your coins!
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Binance - up to $100 in BNB from refferal GIFTPACK!

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25 IOST + 100 for refferal . hurry up. IOST is a scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain App platform .already trading on Binance,Huobi,OKEx and more . dont miss. answers to questions are both "all of above"

25 IOST + 100 for refferal . hurry up. IOST is a scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain App platform .already trading on Binance,Huobi,OKEx and more . dont miss. answers to questions are both submitted by Carlie12 to airdrops [link] [comments]

25 IOST + 100 for refferal . hurry up. IOST is a scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain App platform .already trading on Binance,Huobi,OKEx and more . dont miss. answers to questions are both "all of above"

25 IOST + 100 for refferal . hurry up. IOST is a scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain App platform .already trading on Binance,Huobi,OKEx and more . dont miss. answers to questions are both submitted by Carlie12 to CryptoAirdrop [link] [comments]

Binance Bitcoin and crypto wallet and trading site refferal

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25 IOST + 100 for refferal . hurry up. IOST is a scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain App platform .already trading on Binance,Huobi,OKEx and more . dont miss. answers to questions are both "all of above"

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Binance Registration Click Here (refferal-link)

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Whats the best way of getting bat?

Just wondering if anyone has some tips and tricks on getting bat fast
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My Referral Friends Are Not Updating For 15 Days?

I have reffered some friends (around 3-4 friends) on Binance. But they are not appearing on my Referrals page. When do you guys update the friends number. (they have registered and making trande on Binance)

Thank You!
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How do I get kickback

I moved from cex to binance with a refferal code. It wrote %20 kickback on signup but when I check fee schedule I see only BNB discount which is 0,075.
How can I get the refferal discount and have 0,06 as mentioned in the list?
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30+ Reasons Why Cryptocurrencies Are Worthless

1)It is possible to change the code through a miner vote or a fork and change the total supply or anything. DASH did it : they reduced the total supply from 84M to 18.9M a few years ago. They could also increase it to 999 Trillions if they wanted to so that millions of DASH are mined every week.

2)You can also fork bitcoin anytime , start over from 0 and claim it's the real bitcoin. (BCH , BSV , BTG , LTC , BCD etc)

3)Why would you pay $10,000 for a digital collectible unit called BTC when you can use BCH or TRX or LTC .. you name it. They work just as fine and cost less. There is no rarity like in gold.

4)Think of any amount you hold in ethereum as a gift card to use smart contracts on the ETH blockchain. Ridiculous. You’d rather hold a wal mart gift card or even simply cash.

5)Private keys may be bruteforced as we speak. Quintillions entries a second. When they’ll have enough bitcoins under control , they could move them all at once instantly.(At least 45,000 ETH have been stolen this way for now through ethereum bandit)SHA 256 is too old , bitcoin is 10 years old , it is not secure enough , quantum computing could potentially break it.

6)And that’s if people don’t find a way to create an infinite amount of coins to sell on exchanges.. it happened with monero , stellar , bitcoin , zcash , zcoin , eos , etc..

proofs :

“Bitcoin , Coindesk : “The Latest Bitcoin Bug Was So Bad, Developers Kept Its Full Details a Secret”an attacker could have actually used it to create new Bitcoin — above the 21 million hard-cap of coin creation — thereby inflating the supply and devaluing current bitcoins.”

Stellar : “Stellar Inflation: Glitch Leads to 2.25 Billion Extra XLM Printed”

Monero : “A bug in the Monero (XMR) wallet software that could enable fake deposits to exchanges has been recently brought to public attention through a Medium post”

Zcoin : Forged coins were created, but not exceeding 1% of the circulating supply. We will release further details on exact numbers when Sigma is released.

EOS : “Hackers Forge Billion EOS Coins to Steal Real Crypto From DEX “

Zcash : “Zcash Team Reveals It Fixed a Catastrophic Coin Counterfeiting Bug” etc..

7)Segwit , and especially Lightning network is a very complex technology and it will inevitably have flaws , bugs , it will be exploited and people will lose money. That alone can cause bitcoin to drop very low levels.

8)Then miners may be losing millions so they will stop mining , blocks may be so slow , almost no transaction will come though , and bitcoin may not have enough time to reach the next difficulty adjustement. This is reffered to as a death spiral. Then every crypto even those with no mining involved may crash hard.

9)Many crypto wallets are unsafe and have already caused people to lose all their investment , including the infamous “parity wallet”.

10)It is NOT trustless. you have to trust the wallet you’re using is not just generating an address controlled by the developper , you have to trust the node the wallet connects to is an honest node , you have to trust a Rogue state or organization with enough computing power will not 51% attack the network. etc..

11)Bitcoin is NOT deflationary. Bitcoins are created every blocks (roughly every 10 minutes) and you wil be dead by the time we reach the 21 million current hard cap.

12)Bitcoin price may artificially be inflated by Tether.

13)It’s an energy waste , an environmental catastrophy.

14)The only usecases are money laundering , tax evasion , gambling , buying on the dark net , evading sanctions and speculation.

15)Governments will ban it if it gets too big , and they have a big incentive to do so , not only for the obscure usecases but also because it threatens the stability of sovereign currencies. Trump could kill bitcoin with one tweet , force fiat exchanges to cease activity.

16)Most cryptos are scams , the rest are just crazy speculative casino investments.

17)It is pyramidal : early adopters intend to profit massively while last comers get crushed. That's not how money works. The overwhelming majority of crypto holders are buying it because they think they will be able to sell it to a higher price later. Money is supposed to be rather stable. That's why the best cryptocurrencies are USDT USDC etc..

18)The very few stores accepting bitcoin always have the real price in the local currency , not in bitcoin. And prices like 0.00456329 BTC are ridiculous !

19)About famous brokers listing bitcoin : they have to meet the demand in order to make money , it doesn't mean they approve it , some even short it (see interactive broker's CEO opinion on bitcoin)

20)People say cash is backed by nothing and losing value slowly , and yes it is very flawed , but there is a whole nation behind it , it's accepted everywhere , you can buy more things with it.

21)Everybody in crypto thinks that there will be a new bullrun and that then , they will sell. But because everybody thinks it will happen , it might not happen. The truth is past performance doesn’t indicate future performance and it is absolutely not guaranteed that there will ever be another bullrun. The markets are unpredictable.

22)Also BTC went from about $0.003 to the price it is today , so don’t think it’s cheap now.

23)There is no recourse if you’re scammed/hacked/made a mistake in the address etc. No chargebacks. But it might be possible to do a rollback (blockchain reorganization) to reverse some transactions. BSV did it.

24)In case of a financial crisis , the speculative assets would crash the most and bitcoin is far from being a non speculative safe heaven ; and governments might ban it to prevent fiat inflation to worsen.

25) Having to write down the private key somewhere or memorize it is a security flaw ! It’s insane to think a system like this will gain mass adoption.

26) The argument saying governments can not ban it because it is decentralized (like they banned drugs) doesn’t work for cryptos. First , drugs are much harder to find and much more expensive and unsafe because of the ban , and people are willing to take the risk because they like it. But if crypto is banned , value will drop too much , and if you can’t sell it for fiat without risking jail , goodluck to find a buyer. Fiat exchanges could close. Banks could terminate every crypto related bank account. And maybe then the mining death spiral would happen and kill all cryptos.

27) Crypto doesn’t exist. It’s like buying air. It’s just virtual collectibles generated by a code. Faguzzi, fugazzi, it’s a whazzie, it’s a whoozie.. it’s a.. fairy dust. It doesn’t exist. It’s never landed. It’s no matter, it’s not on the elemental chart. It… it’s not fucking real!

28) Most brilliant guys have come out and said Bitcoin was a scam or worthless. Including Bill Gates , Warren Buffet , The Wolf Of Wall Street…

29) Inflation is necessary for POW , BTC code will have to be changed to bypass the 21M cap or mining will die ! If BTC code is not changed to allow for miners to be paid reasonably , they will cease mining when the bitcoin block reward gets too low.Even monero understood it ,the code will have to be changed to allow for an infinite bitcoin supply (devaluating all current bitcoins) or the hash will decrease and the security of bitcoin will decrease dramatically and be 51% attacked

30) Don’t mix up blockchain and cryptos. Even blockchain is overrated. But when you hear this or that company is going blockchain , it doesn’t mean they support cryptocurrencies.

31) Craig Wright had a bitcoin mining company with Dave Kleinman (he died) and on january 1 2020 he claims he will be able to access the 1.1M BTC/BCH/BTG from the mining trust. He may or may not dump them on the market , he also said BTC had a fatal flaw and that by 2019 there will be no more BTC.

32) Hacks in cryptos are very common and usually massive. Billions of dollars in crypto have been stolen in the last 6 years. In may 2019 Binance was hacked and lost 7,000 BTC (and it’s far from being the biggest crypto hack).

33) Bitcoin was first. It's an ancient technology. Newer blockchains have privacy, smart contracts, distributed apps and more.Bitcoin is our future? Was the Model T the future of the automobile? (John Mc Afee)

34) IOTA investiguating stolen funds on mainnet. IOTA shuts down the whole network to deal with trinity wallet attack.

35) Compared to bitcoin other cryptos work just as fine and don't waste so much energy.

36 ) Everytime miners disagree on the updates it will create another version of bitcoin : problem of governance and legitimacy.

37) Cryptos are only legitimate if they act as a credit for a redeemable asset like USDT or gold backed coins.

While the native language of the writter is not english , I think you get the point and it doesn't make it any less relevant.
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NEO LIVE - Week 1 Featuring AMA summary. / $AVA was the first project to participate in the Weekly "NEO LIVE" Event being run by the NEO Global development:
I have gone through and cleaned up the Telegram chat and formatted the questions to make them more readable. Due to the fast moving chat some questions got mixed up a little but i've done my best to remove spam/ emojis and make it readable.
The full archive can be found on the NEO Telegram: @NEO_EN
Host, NGD :
Hi Matt, first question, when is Travala coming to Binance if at all any plans ?
Should we be expecting 15 suppliers integration by Aug 15th?
Why should I use Travala instead of Orbitz or other popular travel sites?
Hi Matt, when the beta version goes live, travala can expect an Increase of booking numbers I think. Are you considering to hire more people for costumers service before or around that time?
** Due to fast moving chat this question got messed up. The team later commented the following regarding this question:
What are benefit of Travala token holder ???
Is the ava token able to be purchased directly on the Travala website? Or will a third party have to handle this? Is there a fiat gateway plan? Will Nash handle this?
First of all congratulations matt for your crowdfunding on crowdcube my question is when we see travala application on both platform means app is more easy and user friendly as comapre to website so any approximately time frame ?
Will you list travala at some point at kayak or is this plan cancelled?
what's your vision for travala by end of 2020 and beyond?
Hello Matt! Could you tell about your goals in the future in terms of market share? Do you see having 0.1-1% of Market share of current giants like, as a realistic goal?
Along with the August update, will search improvements be also in place, so its easily to locate countries, etc, currently difficult to find all places in the Maldives for example, which we will need for the Travala knees up sometime soon
What other (other than the SMART rewards) ways are there that have been implemented to encourage the usage of AVA on the platform instead of the other many payment options?
can you elaborate on the Key Opinion Leaders? Is this an affiliate marketing program outside of the $20 invite reward?
Travala does already accept several cryptocurrencies as a mean of payment. Do you plan to add GAS at some point?
When do you expect the review giveback program to be put in place and what are the projections on % of people making reviews vs total bookings.
when do you expect beta site to go live?
context: 1/3 reviews can be considered as fake on TripAdvisor. How will you guys handling reviews on your platform. Can you elaborate more about this topic, because it is very vital problem in Travel industry.
I remember business accounts went live during the last update, but this isnt obvious anywhere on the site, is this something you are handling privately at the moment?
Are there more partnerships planned for Q3 that you can't tell us yet?
the commission fee is said to range between 5-10% depending on maturity of the platform. Can you confirm what % the current fee is?
how many employees does Travala now have?
Will you ever get an office with windows? :grin:
Has any details been released of the new CTO?
Are qualifying crowdcube contributors still receiving t-shirts and goody bag etc at some point?
when will flight booking will be avalible on travala?
what’s your favorite part of working at Travala?
how would a buyout of Travala affect the tokens?
Any plans to have a bug bountry programs as many crypto project have ,?
You already been approached by one of the big OTA’s for an cooperation or maybe for a business level account?
what would be the primary driver to decrease the required 5.000 token amount to become lvl 5 SMART?
What are the costs to maintain Travala system and how those costs are covered? What are biggest costs?
is there any way to have a sneak peak of the new website :grin: ?
how many employees do you expect to have by end of Q3?
Are you satisfied with the development of travala so far?
if the selected booking date is not available, can the result provide 'next available date'. Or is this already coming?
With NEO’s EcoFund investment, what are’s new strategic growth targets?
can we expect greater marketing in terms of adspend once beta comes online in August, or is the marketing campaign going to increase later in Q3 or Q4?
how much does the crypto market dropping effect your model, and are you well prepared for a long crypto winter should that eventuate and how much do you rely on the crypto prices for stability vs getting revenue elsewhere?
do you personally believe that we will be listed on kayak in 2019?
What do u think about NEO blockchain
Will Libra be accepted as a payement method in the far future ?
are you guys attending more events this year?
Can you share something about the plans to boost the smart memberships ?
we’ve seen you guys do great work with BCH, LTC and DASH, has other top 20 coins approached you and showed interest?
Will Travala harness the Seraph ID solution
Does have any plans in the future to work together with other NEO ecosystem projects? :laughing:
In addition to financial assistance, in what other ways will NEO’s EcoFund benefit and help it reach its goals? Moving forward, in what capacities will NEO and work together? How does it differ from your prior relationship?
Will it be possible one day to buy a smart membership directly with fiat with the nash app like buying a Prime membership on Amazon ?
Is it possible that Travala helps Airbnb to go blockchain?
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where can i buy eos?

can someone give me a link or so?
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11-30 18:43 - 'EARN 1$ BTC PER REFFERAL INSTANT WITHDRAW $$$' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/emretr1 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-7min

Get free 1$ BTC from Binance listed coin, also 1$ for every referrals.
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  3. Enter your btc address
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Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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pocker -crypto ( luckbluffpocker platform)

hello everyone name is ilias and iam a pocker player. before starting this article i know that a lot of people are looking for a nice platform where to play pocker with fair play and good services . in this article i will show you a platform where i play personally and everything is amazing there . this is the link ( ) i did not use my refferal link to show you that i dont have any interest by doing this. if you want play pocker there should follow those steps:
1-create an account there ( it is simple )
2- buy enjin coin from binance and make a deposit ( your deposit will appear in less than 10 min)
attention the curency used here is enjin coin only.
3- found a table and sit ( there are many bet can chose blind from 0.5/1 enj small-big ....or choosing higher bet.)
4-you can join the telegram for more information there is the link
Now what are the advantage of the luckbluffpocker platform?? . well the platform encourage you to play with more motivation
1-if you play 100 hands/day at any bet will be able to participate at a daily tournament ..without paying nothing
the prize is 250 enj
2-if you play 1000 hand / week at any bet will be able to participate at a weekly tournament without paying
and the prize is 2500 enj
3-the first 3 players ranked on a day / week ...get payed too ...
what is the best thing about this platform
the compagny share 15/100 of their earning with people who hold the compagny tokens ...that mean you can play and invest in the platform get passive incomes

for moore information contact me by this gmail:
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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Free ZEN evry 24h - no need reffer !!

Try it - really works - no need any refferal - you only need wallet on Binance to claim your ZEN !!
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200$$$ worth of CNB Token *Coinsbit exchange*

Hello fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts, COINSBIT exchange created their own Token, just like binance BNB or Huobi exchange alike and are giving IT away for newly reffered users.
Go and grab yours 200$ CNB thanks to my referral link
1) Register account 2) completed KYC (ID + selfie)
You can either sell it for 200$$$ at 1st January or hodl for bigger prospects.
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How To Get Involved In The Binance Referral Program Binance Futures Referral Program Explained - YouTube BINANCE REFERRAL ID  BINANCE BEST REFERRAL CODE ID 2020 #Binance Guides: Generating a “Kickback” Referral Link Binance Referral Program- Referral Code - English - YouTube

Learn more about the Binance.US Referral Program. Earn 20% from the fee of each friend's trade. Earn 40% if you hold 500 BNB or more Details Binance Referral Program. In October 2017, Binance launched the Binance Referral Program and it’s a great success. Traders can invite their friends to Binance and get a cut of their trading fees. This happens in real time. Binance used to offer 50% referral bonus, but in January 2018 they changed it to 20%. Even with 20% it’s still a good deal. FAQ about New Binance.US Referral Program . How do I refer someone to Binance.US? Where do I start? You can start earning up to 40% of your invitee's trading fees once you’ve passed advanced verification, provided all necessary personal information, reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions, and registered for the Referral Program. Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume. ... Invite your friends to register through the referral link or QR and get rewards when they complete trade every time. Earn Crypto. Every time your friends make a trade, you'll share up to 40% commission in real ... What is The Referral Commission for Binance Referral Program? Binance comes with a package of new coins being updated into their program, every now and then. This assists them to keep up with the requirements of the market. Recently Binance has grown dramatically in terms of it’s user-base, making a significant change in the world of ...

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How To Get Involved In The Binance Referral Program

Binance Referral (QR Code): 15256553 Referral Link: If you are unsure of how to get your referral link for the Binance referral program, this video will show you exactly where to find it. If you haven't already signed up for a Binance account, you ... Use my binance referral id for FREE bitcoin on Binance Referral ID : 11792222 Use this binance referral Id for 40% off trading fees when trading ... Using this referral code "11792222" you will receive 40% off trading fees, meaning you will pay a lot less in trading fees when it comes to trading daily or weekly. How I Made Over $1,000 From Binance's Referral Program (Passive Income) - Duration: 10:40. Edison Martin 2,147 views. 10:40. How does Binance MARGIN TRADING Work? - Duration: 12:48.