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DENT Wireless (CMC: DENT) Tokenizing the Mobile Data Industry!

#Dentcoin subreddit ##DENT Wireless token (Ticker Symbol - DENT) * Dent is a currency for buying and selling mobile data worldwide. It's an ERC20 token, created on the Ethereum blockchain to reduces the effort of designing a decentralized system from scratch, while smart contracts provide a trustworthy, fraud-proof way of defining the mobile data packages as well as the process of buying and selling them.

Did You Vote? DENT Binance Community Coin of The Month Discussion Thread - Day 2 - Please Keep All Price Speculation And Binance Discussion Here (Versus A New Thread)

Hi Everyone!
First and foremost, VOTE HERE:
We had quite the increase in activity on the sub since the announcement of DENT being part of the Binance Community Coin of the Month voting! We had a good first day, but (as of this writing) are lagging behind just a bit.
I'd like to toss out a couple of reminders:
Please report any personal attacks or FUD that might be going on. I will do my best to address them, but I am by myself most of the day so I'm not always immediate in my response.
Thank you to everyone who made this community even greater over the past couple of days. I've witnessed a lot of generosity. You have the ability to determine if today is a great one or a bad one. Make it a great day!
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Dent/BTC pair will be removed from Binance tomorrow! Death to DENT?

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Binance Removing Trading Pairs-RIP to WIN, BTT and DENT

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Thoughts on Binance US shutout.... how will DENT weather the loss of liquidity?

Binance currently accounts for a whopping 85% of DENT's overall liquidity, and nearly 100% of its US liquidity. What do you think are the likely scenarios come September 12 when Binance shuts out all US customers?

I was recently booted from the DENT telegram for a single post asking this question.
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Binance To List DENT/USDT Pairing!

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Those who hold Dent in the US on Binance... what do you plan on doing when the exchange bans US customers? What happens to our coins on the site? Do they have to be transferred before it closes its doors to Us? Is there another secure exchange to transfer and buy more Dent to?

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It’s Time - Vote For DENT in Binance! Let’s Do This!!!

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Marius Kramer of the Amber Fund analyzed and concluded that Cardano is not nearly as good as IOTA, Holochain, Elastos, Binance Coin, DENT, and BAT in investment value. Have you analyzed the situation? How strong are his arguments since Cardano does seem a little outdated?

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@cz_binance: @gautamchhugani they will realize it after we dent it. :)

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I just saw the recent developments and as an Investor I am really happy that they achieved all their roadmap goals especially the afterburner program. The only thing that confuses me: Can Card Members send their purchased dent (after 30 days of staking) to exchanges like Binance to trade them again?

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CZ (Binance) Tweets About DENT Announcement!

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DENT 1st place on Binance!

EDIT: DENT was in 1st place UNTIL ELA and Wepower started to pay for votes. That means that Binance allows voter fraud. That means that they are not an honorable organization. That means that your money is not safe there, if all they care about is making money and not fairness and ensuring that justice is served. Allowing corruption is a sign that the organization is corrupt.
This corrupt voting system is going to cost Binance customers. Instead of allowing the best coin with the larger community to win, a coin that is about to explode in value, they are allowing a coin that has to pay people to vote for it to win? That will not bode well for the coin that wins or Binance. Both will lose. Cheaters never prosper. But you know who does prosper? Those who abide by the laws of Karma and do the right things. DENT coin will succeed with or without Binance. All this will do is anger Binance customers who will not be able to buy DENT. Their loss.
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DENT is on fire! Up almost 200% in the last 24 hours after getting listed on Binance!

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DENT was WINNING on Binance before the Voter Fraud Started.

Before the "vote for us giveaways" started, DENT was in 1st place. DENT has the largest community. DENT will be releasing their Android app a day after it would have been listed on Binance, giving their customers a chance to invest in a coin that is already disrupting one of the top 5 industries in the world (wireless) with their service, vs a coin that has to pay people to vote for it and isn't even close to fulfilling their roadmap. Most coins sell a dream. Most have no chance to succeed. DENT is days away from expanding their reach by 90% with the release of their Android app. In Mexico alone 86 million cell phone users get on the Interent with a pre-paid top-up data plan! Those users have family in the USA that will soon be able to gift them their unused data at the end of the month. This is way bigger what most of you realize. This isn't a "pie in the sky" concept or dream that may or may not happen. This is going down starting Feb 26th.
Binance supports corruption. Cheaters never prosper. Karma always prevails. Those are dynamics. Bottom line, the DENT train leaves soon and Binance customers will not be able to buy a ticket thanks to their corrupt voting system. They will lose customers over this, but smart money will still flow into DENT regardless, and in turn, out of Binance over this fiasco. Thank god for Karma!
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New to Dent? Need a quick overview before you invest? (please upvote for new Binance viewers)

New to Dent? Need a quick overview before you invest? (please upvote for new Binance viewers)
DENT is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Principle focus is a global exchange of mobile data user-to-user (from me to you for example) on a worldwide scale. In simple terms, DENT is offering users a mobile-data marketplace, which allows users to buy, sell, or donate their mobile-data easily.
Current Highlights:
  • DENT Wireless Ltd have an actual working app (Android/IOS), with 2.5 million downloads and it is ACTUALLY being used (this is not a future pie-in-sky endeavor). Key to its success is its simplicity in both design and use by the average consumer. Check it out for yourself
  • Key strategic partnerships with mobile carriers including: AT&T, Verizon, Airtel, Vivo, Claro, America Movil, etc. and the list keeps growing with new markets soon to follow.
Future Hightlights:
  • As mentioned above, new markets are continued to be brought on board, exponentially growing the user base. Recent example is Singapore with all 3 major telco operators.
  • Marketplace is scheduled for Q3 (buying, selling of mobile data), with the Exchange to follow in Q4 (standard exchange similar to Binance). Interesting to note, the DENT team have been on point in reaching every milestone, no excuse just results.
Marketplace demonstration can be found here:
Official channels, learn more, ask questions:
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Let's push and get DENT listed on the new Binance exchange later this year!!!

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Did the Dent team pay to get listed on Binance?

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Binance Prediction: Dent will rally to 1st place by the end of this week.

I have decided to jump on board with Dent even though it's currently in 2nd Place on the Binance Poll because I am VERY confident that the early rally you are seeing from other coins (ie: WePower / WPR) will be short-lived, mainly due to their lower market exposure, lack of name recognition, lesser-developed community, and overall less proven coin exchange history. Dent is hanging in there tough during this Day 1 rally by WPR, but I believe the current rate of voting for WPR is simply not sustainable in a legitimate contest over an extended period of time... essentially making it fool's gold right now. We've seen this plenty of times in horse racing, where a relatively unknown horse jumps right out of the gate and then sustains the lead for 80% of the track... only to fizzle out by the end. Fortunately for Dent, this is a test of endurance, not a sprint... so there is plenty of time left beyond Day 1 for the community to rally.
I, like most Dent hodlers, have not yet voted, but will certainly be voting before the end of the contest... so rest assured that there will be a significant rally at the end.
Will it be enough to beat the underdog WPR on the final day? Well, I certainly think so... and now I'm putting my money where my mouth was! See you guys on the 25th.
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Team Update - DENT Wireless Co-Founder Andee Is At Binance Blockchain Week In Singapore For Meetings!

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Bitcoin Reaches New Milestone! Ethereum Update, Dent Surge, Binance IEO – Crypto News

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Dear FUD: Binance list DENT, hope you are happy finally getting what you wanted

So here we are, its finally listed on Binance. It's what you've been crying over for weeks, the second coming is here. Maybe now you'll finally join the community in writing something informative or at very least positive about your own investment.
Or, like most FUDsters, you'll find another reason to blame someone else besides yourself, at a bad entry point. I know, you'll find a new entry point in the never ending quest to complain about an investment you did zero research on in the first place, yet conspiracy theories state you know what the team "true" intentions are...
Whatever the case, its here... move along please.
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Result of Dent on Binance

Dent listed on Binance after community vote 25/2 (Huge increase in volume and availability) - 26/2 (day after listing) Android app + Mobile World Congress Teleco meeting + Data trading demo. Good Game. Go Vote, I sure as hell did.
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Binance'ın En Ucuz Altcoini Dent İncelemesi; Dent Coin Nedir? Invest In or Not? - DENT Dent on Binance? - YouTube Binance Removing Trading Pairs-RIP to WIN, BTT and DENT - Tamil Review Today DENT Token Can Be One Of The Biggest Gainer Of 2020-2021  Watch This Big Bullish Setup

Today Binance announced the that it will be offering from now on support for DENT. DENT coin is one of the less popular coins that are circulating in the crypto-world. Regardless of its less significant position, the coin experienced a noticeable increase after its listing on Binance. Step by step overview on how to buy Dent (DENT) on Binance. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange focusing on crypto-to-crypto trading. This platform started to gain an excellent reputation in the blockchain community due to its multiple-coin offerings. Binance listing – DENT has secured a spot on one of the top exchanges in the world bringing significant additional investors, traders and liquidity. Live app for Android and iPhone – DENT already has both of these platforms ready to allow storage, purchase, and trade of DENT tokens and associated data plans from global telcos. Can You Mine DENT? DENT tokens are pre-mined, thus cannot be mined. Where to Buy or Sell DENT? As of January 2018, DENT can be traded at: Binance, KuCoin, LATOKEN, Lykke Exchange (paired with BTC, ETH). Cashierest, CoinZest (paired with BTC, ETH, KRW). Vebitcoin, CoinBene, BITBOX (paired with BTC). HitBTC, Fatbtc, IDEX, DDEX, Allbit (paired ... Dent's vision is "to create a global marketplace for buying and selling mobile data packages and unused mobile data".For instance, with DENT Exchange, a user will be able to move his mobile services seamlessly between mobile providers. Dent Voice allows users to call anyone in any country, while paying in DENT tokens.; The DENT platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain to issue ERC-20 tokens.

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Binance'ın En Ucuz Altcoini Dent İncelemesi; Dent Coin Nedir?

The Dent project is constantly working and expanding. Check out this video to see what they are up to with the exchange and ETHScanr app Thank you for watching Coin Stories! Please Subscribe to be ... DENT will allow world traveller to access to these unused data in local through DENT Exchange with tokenization. ... you can buy DENT on Binance, the world largest crypto exchange, and my most ... How to Buy Altcoins using KuCoin Exchange - Binance Alternative! - Duration: 10:36. ... How to buy Dent Token With Coinbase Safely Step by Step Video Dent Wireless - Duration: 19:20. Binance Removing Trading Pairs-RIP to WIN, BTT and DENT - Tamil Review Today ... Why I Love DENT - 55x Gain Potential - DENT Exchange & World Crypto Con Winners Picked From Chat - Duration: ... Altcoin Almak İçin Tıklayın; İndikatör Tabanlı Sinyal Programı Moondicator'a Üye Olmak İçin Tıklayın; ...