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Weekly Update: Cap @Tachyon, 2gether consumer spending report, Pynk in Turkey, Harmony’s $ONE token swap... – 17 Jan - 23 Jan'20

Weekly Update: Cap @Tachyon, 2gether consumer spending report, Pynk in Turkey, Harmony’s $ONE token swap... – 17 Jan - 23 Jan'20
Sup folks! Here’s part III of VII from our catch up series - your week at Parachute + partners (17 Jan - 23 Jan'20):

Cap travelled to the Tachyon (Consensys' accelerator program) open house this week in NYC to network with some cool new startups: Idle (compound interest aggregator), Pie (platform that allows investment in traditional portfolios like the most successful funds), SimpleID (Intercom for blockchain), Outlet (Robinhood for compound interest investments built on blockchain), Transak (fiat on/off ramp for crypto) and Honey Lemon (mining contract aggregator). The PAR4PAR lottery entered stage eleven this week with the prize pool now at 700k $PAR. Saweet! Bose’s trivia in TTR was super fun and had 20k $PAR in prizes. Charlotte hosted another trivia in TTR for 2k $PAR per general knowledge question. For the #weekendprompt by Jason, Parachuters shared "weird or unusual sport video that most people didnt know was a sport". Haha. Congrats to Rene for winning this week’s Parena! After the success of the previous TTR and Parachute-based NFT auctions, Sebastian put up a raffle (#parttrenjraffle) for 2 collectibles from the same sets – TTR Red Circle Army and The PARverse so that more Parachuters could get in on the action. DApp enthusiasts, don’t forget to read Cap’s recommendation. Pretty insightful! The latest Parachute Digestive is out as well. You cannot miss this! In the latest #FPL standings shared by LordHades, he is still on top of the table with Novel Cloud and Alexis in close 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. For this week’s Two-for-Tuesday, GC asked Parachuters to post music featuring female artists. Doc Vic hosted a quick “free-for-all” CoD match for Parachuters in the Parachute War Zone for $PAR prizes. Big up to Chris, KellyBoy, Amaanullah for winning. Victor hosted a general knowledge trivia in TTR with a 20k $PAR prize pool. For #wholesomewed, Jason got Parachuters to share about failures that steered their lives.
This is what makes Parachute a great place to hang out!
Sebastian has been the most persistent in #ParAroundTheWorld. Often restoring worn down stickers like these to their original glory. That’s dedication!
For this week’s aXpire update and token burn click here and here respectively. 2gether published a detailed report on crypto user’s spending habits that revealed some key insights into consumer behaviour when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The study happened over 9 months by surveying 10k 2gether users in the Eurozone. Koinsquare co-founder Tiziano Tridico, who is also a 2gether Ambassador, talked about the findings on his YouTube channel. Remember that 2gether is one of the finalists of EBC’s startup competition, RACE? The competition kicked off this week with CEO Ramon Ferraz presenting the project there. Zachary from XIO shared an update on reward distributions. Congratulations Zach on making it to Coinbound’s list of crypto-accounts-to-follow on LinkedIn. As hinted in the last update, Bounty0x is working on an influencer marketing platform. Read more about it in their announcement post and Q1 2020 update. Their Republic listing talks about this as well. Uptrennd’s Jeff Kirdeikis sat down with Scott Cunningham to talk about the platform’s 2019 journey and the road forward in 2020. Checked out the Gaming community on Uptrennd yet? There’s $1UP to be won. Sweet! Content creators, have a look at this post to see how Uptrennd has helped grow reach of other creators who moved to the platform. Yup, that’s right. Top 4 creators got almost 2M views. Not bad at all! Couple of weeks back, Energi won a public poll to get a free detailed review on Uptrennd. The review report was published this week. District0x Community Lead Brady McKenna was interviewed by Crypto Current to speak on decentralisation. For the latest dev update and the district weekly, click here and here respectively. In continuation of Hydro’s Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) report that was released last week, the team published an article detailing the basics of BaaS this week. A nifty guide for personal finance management was released as well. Hydrogen made it to Built in NYC’s list of 50 Startups to Watch in 2020. Great going! Plus, shoutouts from Wendy O and Republic were pretty cool too. In developer updates, Project Hydro and Hydro Labs released their reports. Silent Notary crew sat down for an AMA with Quora Inner Circle this week. And like last week, they posted daily summaries of dev work progress (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14).
When spending crypto, users prefer to spend them on FMCG and food. Source: 2gether user behaviour report
In Sentivate’s technical discussions this week, they shared insights on single sign-on, 0-RTT, HTTP vs UDSP, DNS vs DIS, web socket packet design and request types. Thomas also announced plans to start an exchange and filing in Singapore. If you aren’t familiar with why the Mycro Hunter app exists, have a read of the problem-solution article. For a how-to-download v1 app guide, click here. OST’s Pepo app partnered with ETHDenver to become its official social app. Attendees could earn bonus tokens by joining the #ETHDenver Missions on the app. Non-attendees could follow the events from the app as well. Didn’t know this was possible? In that case, make sure to read about the app use cases. For SelfKey’s December progress report, click here. Constellation CTO Wyatt Meldman-Floch shared some key tech updates. Pynk opened a new office in Turkey this week. Click here for pics. Similar to Ethereum’s ERC721 standard, Harmony is also building an HRC721 standard for NFTs. A similar DApp Demo (for Harmony-based NFTs) was released. Click here for the latest all-hands summary. The network underwent a technical update. Binance confirmed their support for the $ONE token swap. Check out this tweet thread for the full list of platforms supporting the swap. And with that, the token swap started officially. Intellishare announced a temporary break of some activities for the Spring Festival Holiday along with the start of registration for a sticker contest to get some cool crowd-sourced $INE stickers. Jobchain crew sat down for an AMA on Twitter this week. $JOB got listed on Whitebit and DCoin exchange. Transcript of GET Protocol’s AMA with tehMoonwalkeR was published. Community member Deofex released an activity explorer website to track ticket state changes. Congratulations to GUTS Tickets for crossing 350k ticket mark. Click here to see Global Crypto Alliance’s 2020 roadmap. Congratulations to COTI and Constellation for being promoted to KuCoin Plus from Main Market. The team appeared for an AMA with tehMoonwalkeR this week. COTI also made it to Tracxn’s list of Top Emerging Blockchain Startups. Neat! The v1.0 of COTI’s Staking Platform went live this week. Click here for the detailed guide on how to stake from the mainnet wallet. Rewards are processed once per month. Learn all about staking rewards here.

And with that, we close for this week in the Parachuteverse. See you again with another weekly update. Ciao!
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