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Binance is the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume.

Binance.US Expands Into Florida, Eyeing Millions of Potential New Traders

Binance.US Expands Into Florida, Eyeing Millions of Potential New Traders submitted by Qwahzi to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

Binance.US Will Support @vechainofficial $VET Staking

Binance.US Will Support @vechainofficial $VET Staking submitted by mostrandomguy to Vechain [link] [comments]

Harmony (ONE) listed on Binance US with a jaw dropping film

Harmony (ONE) listed on Binance US with a jaw dropping film submitted by guinq to binance [link] [comments]

Brave browser automatically redirects you to their referral link when you type "" or "" in the address bar

Brave browser automatically redirects you to their referral link when you type submitted by jwinterm to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

Binance US lists vtho

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I REALLY hate that I can't withdraw my Iota from Binance.Us

Is there a way to set up alerts? Are they on a schedule for when they allow withdrawals? Not my keys, not my crypto! It makes me VERY uneasy leaving it on there! I want it safe and sound in my Ledger Nano.
submitted by sargentpilcher to Iota [link] [comments]

Is Binance US down?

I started opening a Binance US account but noticed people having problems with it being down recently. Is it still worth opening an account with Binance US?
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Wrongfully charged by BinanceUS, submitted a request for review hours prior from the mail from Binance US which read: "I have within 7 days to deposit the [erroneous] charged money or that Binance US will suspend [my] account and may take action to liquidate my assets" [[[PART 3]]]

Wrongfully charged by BinanceUS, submitted a request for review hours prior from the mail from Binance US which read:
Summary of story:
I was over-charged by Prime Trust LLC for purchases I made on the Binance US platform, on July 30, 2020,
my bank account, which is linked with my Binance US account sent back the request from Prime Trust LLC,
,there is a penalty fee for charge-backs of $25 for my bank account in effect,
then I received an email from Binance US that my account would be suspended if I didn't pay the unreasonable charge I have not made, the unreasonable charge is not indicated on my Binance US account's buy/sell history as I completed all recent underlying purchases through ACH and all correlating charges have been paid fowithdrawn from my bank account by Prime Trust LLC.
All purchases I made on my Binance US has been paid for.
The unreasonable charge is not indicated on any one of my accounts. The only email claiming that I owe money for charges I did not make coming from the one email I received by Binance US.
I've posted 2 posts on binance which I posted pictures below and was both indicated as deleted, by moderators of binance
My second Post (in it including Screenshots of my first post):
**Update**I have been responded by Binance US through email which I will show later in the post.
Continued screenshots from my second post:

I have erased the name of staff and my email address on the screenshot above for privacy.
(To Binance.US Team) My apologies if I may have worded things confusingly as there was no actual withdraw of $300 from my bank account, which shouldn't have been requested in the first place, and because my bank sent back the order of $300, binance sent me an email, seen below, that my account would be suspended in 7 days if I do not deposit $300 for Biance US to have.

My concerns:
Being charged $25 for an erroneous charge by Binance US from my bank,
My account being suspended with my funds for error which is not my fault or doing as provided on my transaction history of all my accounts, and not ever receiving an email confirmation purchase or of any sort of the erroneous fee I am charged,
In less than one day as deducted through the message I received by Binance US below, my account would be suspended if I do not deposit the money I supposedly owe:

Other concerns:
Unable to withdraw funds I've already paid for and indicated as available for withdraw, yet when I try to withdraw any amount of my funds, how some or large, I get a message with "withdraw suspended due to risk management".
Reason for my postings:
Waiting 7 days for reaching a resolution after my original ticket submission.
My post being deleted even before reaching a resolution of erroneous charges.

To all those who've responded and engaged including Binance modulators, to my second post, thank you for your support, engagement and advice as I strongly believe, though my issues remain at large which is not fault of anyone here, my process of resolving the current issue has been sped up because of it! It was my first time getting up votes and I was honestly quite happy when I saw it after I awoke from my long nap hence my delay in response.
Response to comment (1):
**I'll consider to message the binance modulators next next time, but I do apologize for the delay in response.
**What stopped me from directly commenting was my response was for the surprisingly deleted post, and my inability to being able to respond at the time to the binance modulator's comment as indicated when I tried to, my post deleted.
**I wanted to wait a while ( waited at least 5 hours until I get a response from the CS team, after which I have learned my post was deleted and I then posted on reddit.
**I wanted to disclose what has happened and can happen and I've learned to message the modulators in case of similar occurrences in the future, before my post is deleted. Which I was not aware about until the response for my second post, but I am aware of now. And I could have responded earlier as the misshaping was due to miscommunication between binance modulator and staff.
**The reason that I have responded by post to the specific Binance modulator was that I wanted to get a chance to explain myself in the similar scale/audience as the modulator had when commenting with a question to my post.
Response to comment (2):
**Thank you for your response, I believe the issue I am facing is a very important matter that should be kept on reddit for future references.
**My motive is to have my issues resolved, I am not sure what ulterior motive I might have and I want to clarify it wasn't my intention to make you think so or there is ulterior motive at work. If I may ask please fill me in, maybe I can help clarify.
If I may, any advice is more than appreciated even or especially when there are things that I may have missed and I may be at fault.

Hoping to do another update regardless of the outcome of my issue at large for future references. To whom read this post, thank you sincerely for your valuable time as this post could have been shorter.
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$ONE listing on Binance US

$ONE listing on Binance US submitted by NickVasilich to harmony_one [link] [comments]

Binance.US Will List Helium (HNT)

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Breaking: Binance.US goes down, assures users funds are safe - Decrypt

Breaking: Binance.US goes down, assures users funds are safe - Decrypt submitted by euphemized to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Binance US: 20% off all trading commissions with this referral code [BINANCE.US]

Hi! is now allowing users who own more than 500 BNB to create referral links which will give their friends a "kickback" of 20% off all trading fees. This is the maximum kickback that can be offered. Ordinary referral/promo codes are only providing a 10% kickback.
Full disclosure: I will also get 20%, so I'd certainly be grateful for anyone who might use my code. Once the referral code is created, the kickback rate is locked in place. So if you use this invite link, your kickback will always be 20%, even if my Binance balance falls below 500 BNB (in that case you would get the same 20% kickback but Binance would not give me any bonus). Inviters like me are also unable to retroactively alter the kickback rate that we are offering.
You may need to create a new account to ensure you will get the maximum discount with this coupon. You will receive a 20% cashback over fees on every trade you do with Binance. The kickback rate is valid until you close your account.

How can I enable the extra discount on my Binance.US account?

Step 1. First, follow this link or manually fill in the code 35278294 in the 'Referral ID (optional)' field.
Step 2. Check if "Your commission kickback rate: 20%" appears below the referral code
Step 3. Create a new account
Step 4. Start trading from your new account!
Step 5. You are all set! You now have the maximum discount enabled on your account. I always follow-up with the Binance USA customer service and reconfirm activation of the discount kick back rate of 20% before trading.
Happy trading! :)
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Binance.US Trading down?

trading seems to be down at Binance.US.
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Is ADA suspended on Binance US?

I'm getting message on their website that says "Withdrawal for this coin is currently turned off"
Anyone else? Was this outage scheduled?
Edit: Other coins are suspended as well, ETC, IOTA, and XLM at time of this post.
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Binance.US will list MakerDAO MKR and DAI

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When Binance US?

Plenty of American customers are interested in this project, myself included. I've bought on Kucoin (okay) and Uniswap (terrible gas fees), but with staking upcoming on Binance (the non-US version), I am left wondering what to do with my sizeable bag. I'd love to stake and I'd love a convenient way to purchase more. CZ, deliver us!
submitted by mongolianbow to Swipe_io [link] [comments] - The Wild Roller Coaster of IOTA Trades

Volatility and unexpected price movement is quite common in the crypto industry, but (not to be confused with “.com”) takes this to an entirely different level with IOTA.
Take the recent price surge of Aug 10, 2020 for example. We witnessed a rise of MIOTA from about $0.35 to just under $0.42 on many exchanges. This was followed by a return to the mid-to-high $0.30’s less than 12 hours later. However, during this same timeframe, prices blew into $0.50’s territory, and hovered in the $0.40’s for well over 24 hours.
Putting that into perspective if you’re interested in trading IOTA - you could have achieved a 20% gain in 24 hours with most exchanges if you bought right before the surge and sold at the top. But with, you had an opportunity for a 45-55% gain in that same 24 hours. That difference is pretty significant!
I’ve noticed these extreme variances in volatility have occurred in other situations throughout the past year. How is this explained? I suspect it’s a consequence of adding up the following:
  1. is intended only for U.S. investors, which is a small subset of an exceptionally large global market. Less buyers and sellers implies less liquidity, and this would be expected to widen the ranges that market participants are willing to purchase or part with their assets (especially during surges and panics).
  2. Fortunately for (but not others), there currently aren’t many options available for U.S.-based investors to exchange IOTA. In fact, I suspect most users consider this their only option at the moment and are more likely to accept prices that are wildly different from the market averages. Many of them may not even be taking average market prices into consideration at all when deciding to buy or sell IOTA, effectively isolating as the "one true" representation of supply and demand (as far as U.S. investors are concerned).
  3. IOTA deposits and withdrawals are constantly being suspended on for long periods of time, and the reason isn’t entirely clear. This may discourage diversified U.S. crypto investors and traders from transacting IOTA through this platform, thus even further reducing the number of potential buyers and sellers (which circles back to #1 above).
I’m curious about others’ impressions and theories, as I’ve found the phenomena that is “” to be both frustrating and amusing at times. I'm searching for a better understanding of why these wild price fluctuations are happening, and how they may be impacting U.S. investors in general, as well as the larger market.
Also, feel free to share if you have any crazy trading experiences with - especially if you’ve noticed any interesting patterns that may further explain the often stupefying volatility.
submitted by Iota-Buddy to IOTAmarkets [link] [comments]

Trx not on binance US? now what?

So I was going to do the TRX ERC 20 for Main net swap today but then I realized there is no TRX on binance us. How do I do the swap now?
submitted by DannyHakusho to Tronix [link] [comments]

Binance US recurring buy SKIMMING OFF THE TOP

I set up a recurring buy on binance us. Noticed fees for it are 0.5%, much higher than the 0.1% otherwise. Fine, it’s a more convenient service, so even though setting up a recurring buy myself via their API is super easy, I can see a 0.5% fee (coin base pros regular fee now anyway) justified.
The problem is, at least another 0.5% is taken off the top. Maybe been up to 1%. I’ve looked at it two ways. I’ve watched the order book at time of order execution: a market order would easily fill at a price 0.5%-1% lower. I’ve also looked at candlesticks at time of execution. If I use 15 min candlesticks and look at two (15 min before and 15 min after order execution), the maximum buy price I could have executed at would have been such that binance would have skimmed 0.5% to make the math work.
They are definitely fucking me and anyone else using their recurring buy to DCA (probably eating most of the DCA benefits themselves in effect), and that is NOT OKAY!!!
submitted by iamtheredditor to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

IOTA deposits disabled on

I went to deposit some IOTA and it appears it is disabled. It's been a while since I've been on the exchange. Is this an ongoing issue?
submitted by AskIT_qa to IOTAmarkets [link] [comments]

Binance US Staking Rewards History

Why are the historic rewards so much lower when compared to the estimated return? I’d like to drop, but want to understand this.
submitted by Injevity to binance [link] [comments]

Binance US Lists Band Protocol (BAND)

Binance US Lists Band Protocol (BAND)
✅ Band Protocol ($BAND) is listed on Binance.US, one of the leading digital currency exchanges licensed in the United State, and begin trading on Friday, August 28, 6:00 AM Pacific Time (PST).
Official announcement 👉
Binance US announcement 👉
Spread the word 👉
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Binance US Review & Tutorial! Did Binance Just Replace Coinbase?! Binance US - YouTube Binance US - YouTube The Complete Binance Tutorial For Beginners - YouTube

Our Binance.US app's mobile-first design keeps it simple and enables access advanced trading features, all in one app. STAKING Earn crypto on your crypto! When buying certain coins, holding them on Binance US will earn you a reward, earning you more of the coin you purchased and added to your wallet directly. Binance.US Will List DAI; Binance.US will list Maker (MKR) Binance.US Will List Helium (HNT) Binance.US Will List Decentraland (MANA) Binance.US Will List Compound (COMP) Binance.US Will List VeThor Token (VTHO) Binance.US Will List Kyber Network (KNC) Binance.US Will List EOS; Binance.US Adds Additional BTC Trading Pairs for ADA and XTZ Cryptocurrency investment activities, including actions done to buy Bitcoin online via Binance, are subject to market risk. Binance provides easy and convenient ways for you to buy Bitcoin instantly, and we put our best efforts to fully inform our users about each and every cryptocurrency we offer on the exchange, but we are not responsible for the results that may arise from your Bitcoin ... Binance.US is America's home for digital asset trading with over 30+ cryptocurrencies to trade with USD and stablecoins -- access is at your fingertips. Download the Binance.US app, visit the ... Binance.US is a secure platform for users to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. Fast Binance.US offers unwavering performance with a trusted world-class matching engine, supporting up to 1,400,000 orders per second.

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Binance US Review & Tutorial! Did Binance Just Replace Coinbase?!

Binance Exchange Coinbase Pro Review: Gemini Review: Kraken Review: https://ww... The Complete Binance Tutorial For Beginners! ₿₿₿₿₿ Register For Binance Here: If you are looking for a complete Binance... Binance has been met with a lot of criticism with their new Binance US cryptocurrency exchange. However, Binance.US is allowing a new trustworthy USA resident option for turning fiat USD aka ... Esté es un canal donde encontrarás tutoriales de aprendizaje juegos Android programas para descargar,editar,grabar y transmitir vídeos a redes sociales music...