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Nano Binance

Just checking to see if anyone has heard when Binance will start accepting deposits of Nano? It's been under Wallet Maintenance I think for 2 days now. Thanks!
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Nano Binance

Good afternoon. Need help with the NANO transaction. Sent NANO from Kucoin exchange to Binace they did not come. How can I be helped?
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Nano Binance

Anyone any idea on why the Binance wallet has been in maintenance for a few days now? I've been off reddit recently so may have missed some news regarding this.
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Nano Binance deposit problem?

Hi, I'm kinda out of the loop with these Binance issues. I transferred some Nanos from my web wallet to Binance. Still haven't arrived. You guys experiencing the same?
EDIT: Block ID: 0F6F3D219A7344D04B1D75BAF00E03582EE4CDFC63087241C731789F0668FE47
I sent a ticket to Binance as suggested.
It seems like Binance has not opened the receive account yet.
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Sorry to be that guy, but I see a lot of people complaining about Kucoin today. A lot of people specifically wanting NANO. I've tried Kucoin and it absolute blows in comparison to Binance. If you've been looking for a reason to change, this is it. Binance just listed NANO like 2 hours ago. Go forth and trade, hiccup free!
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Can I send XRB (Bitgrail) to NANO (Binance)?

I know they are the same tech, but is there an issue with sending XRB to NANO because it's a different name? Don't want to lose any of it.
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Google and FB byn Cryptos, India FUD and Nano Binance Listing

Check it out :)
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[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] NANO Binance trading is live!

The following post by dats_cool is being replicated because the post has been openly greylisted.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: CryptoCurrency/comments/7uu1lb
The open modlog reason it was greylisted as reported by /CryptoCurrency was: Section 15C. Removed for not meeting minimum character count.
The original post's content was as follows:
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Binance and Nano - Love Story


​Colin dumped millions of xrb in May from private wallets when there was Nano Binance Competition (100kk+ USD VOL.)
He chose a good moment for send to Binance. Who gives a dam about Nano and Bitgrail's victims who suffered a stolen.
Guess they had some special developer donation account before actual one which exists now.
I'll explain you so maybe you'll figure out.

Old developer donation account:

The first address that recieved a nano from Old Developer Donation was this:
(Colin's account)
(Colin's account connected to the old developer donation account)

(Colin's private wallet)

(Colin's private wallet)

  1. and 3. are connected to the 1.
This is the first transaction when old developer donation account sent to this account back in 2016.

Picture is from 02.12.2017

Check yourself these address, before writing fake or anything similar.
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Weekly Nano Update - 11/22/19

This has been another exciting week for Nano:
-Binance.US lists Nano
-Trust Wallet adds Nano to their iOS and Android apps
-Wirex feature Nano in their early-access Asia-Pacific rollout
Review the full story in this week’s update:
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[DISCUSSION + AWARENESS] NANO state of decentralization

I have read a few comments/concerns about it and would like to adres/discuss this here (mainly to remove any false information and increase awareness).

A note before going further: I am NOT a NANO professor, so please if anything isnt correct in this post, tell me and i will edit the post! Also i use NAPKIN math here, not precise math. Numbers will vary if calculated precisely, but i cba to do the actual math!


NANO has split its distribution with balances (distribution of nano) and voting weight (choosing representative nodes which secures the network). Both are important for NANO if you want to look at its (de)centralized status. This setup is very much the same as PoW coins, with supply distribution + mining pools, but not exactly the same.

Let me explain. If you hold 51% of all Eth supply (NOT the hashrate), you have a strong grip on the PRICING of Eth. You can put up immense buy walls, that pretty much no one can get through (or sell walls ofc, to pressure it down). This is why distribution of supply is important, so you don't get all powerful whales controlling the market. Still with 51% Eth, AFAIK, you cant destroy the network, since you need to own 51% of the hashrate to influence it (please correct me if im wrong here).

WIth NANO, the amount of NANO creates the weight of a node, which equals to the hashrate of a miningpool. If a voting node has 51% of all nano staked, it can start to manipulate the network. Meaning, IF someone ever has 51% of NANO, it can create its own node, stake his/her nano on it and manipulate the node. This is a weak point of NANO compared to Eth, as you don't need the computational power to create hashrate, but you need supply. This is also why distribution of supply is much more important to NANO then Eth (or BTC). The PRO for this system though is that you actually need 51% of the total supply of NANO to pull this off, and IF you pull it off, that 51% of the total supply of NANO would become useless, meaning you are going to sacrifice your own capital to destroy the network. This is NOT the same with ETh or BTC, where you can just buy the machines to gain the hashrate, gain so much hashrate to have 51% and then start to manipulate the system. With BTC/ETH, you dont have to hold anything to (theoretically) destroy it, meaning you wont sacrafice capital loss (besides the massive investment on compute power to gain 51% hashrate, which prob isnt even achievable with Eth, since you wont be able to get that much GPU's lol). Ofc, you dont actually NEED to own 51% of NANO to perform a 51% attack (though it IS a possibility to do it when you have 51% of all NANO), all you need is at least 51% of the voting veight in a voting node to start manipulating - which is easier to gain then to own 51% of all NANO supply.

What this means though, is that for NANO, distribution of supply is EXTREMELY important, more important then for Eth or BTC. Yet sadly, BTC/ETH are better distributed then NANO.

Before we go in to the coin distribution part, first lets look at the voting weight distribution. This one is decent, and pretty much the same as Eth. NANO has an amazing community, and so much information can be gathered about NANO through several community projects (<3 you guys, you all are amazing!).

Voting weight distribution

First up: (you are amazing)

Here you can see how well the voting weight is distributed. Well, if we do a little fast math, we can deduct that three parties (Binance, NANO devs, NANOWALLET/Brainblocks) together own 51%+ of the total weight. A three way party IS good, its decentralized ENOUGH, as the chances are of those three parties colluding to destroy NANO (which includes the NANO devs no less) is extremely small (it sounds absurb). The possibility is there, but its small. Once people FINALLY remove their NANO on binance and use their own wallets/set up voting nodes that arent within the top 10, This problem could be solved easily. A smart way would be to implement a feature within the wallet that automatically choose a voting rep that has between 0.1 and 5% voting weight. In this sense, NANO is already decentralized (it wasnt before the binance rep) and will only further decentralize, strenghtening its security.

Supply distribution

So how well is NANO distributed? Well we have for that (amazing site too!):

You can see Binance holds 32+ million NANO which is around 24~25% of the total supply. Bitgrail trustee holds around 4% (...). NANO devs holds around 2% etc.

WHile NANOcrawler shows that most *accounts* hold between 1 and 1k NANO (which is good), 60% of the total NANO supply lies within the top 100 accounts. There are 12 accounts who own 1 million NANO or more according to the nanocrawler. In my eyes, that is too much. It means that at least 12% of the total supply of NANO (but in actuality much more) are within the hands of 12 ACCOUNTS (a bit less, since 1 million nano is not 1% but less, 1.4m should be close to 1% of the total supply). This, once again, includes exchanges like Binance and Kucoin. A person (or company) can have multiple accounts. Binance for example holds two accounts, one with 27 million nano and one with 4 million of which we know of. Together Binance holds 25% supply (i have to say this, multiple times, to gain awareness - DONT HOLD YOUR NANOS ON BINANCE, USE A WALLET, OWN YOUR OWN KEYS).

So when looking at voting weight (which is similiar to hashrate of PoW coins), NANO is as much decentralized as Eth, and a tiny bit behind BTC. There are three major parties who together own 51%+ of the total voting weight of NANO (Binance, Brainblocks and Nano devs). Less people need to use the NANO dev nodes AND a lot of people need to remove their NANOS on binance (and if they have more then 1 million NANOS, just create their own voting nodes - PLEASE). From this perspective, NANO can only get more decentralized along the way.

If we look at supply distribution, if looking at the means for creating a 51% attack (security). If 60% of all supply lies within the top 100 account, it means that 100 accounts (well less, but i dont want to do the counting for to get the true number of accounts needed) have to work together to create a voting node with 51% weighting power. This includes the NANO devs and Binance, as they together only hold around 32% of the total supply (for what we know of, any hidden accounts can increase that number). This ofc seems unlikely, just like it seems unlikely that brainblocks, binance and the nano devs would collude together to create a 51% weighted voting node to manipulate the nano system.

If you look at market making/whales/price performance, things are less positive. 60% is too much to be held by only 100 accounts. An account with 1 million NANO holds too much power in my eyes, let alone accounts with more then that. And there are plenty of 1 million nano ballers around (12 accounts, 2 which are of binance, so lets say 10 accounts if we exclude binance), as there are a lot of 100k - 1 million nano ballers (112). A lot of accounts ive seen hold 700k - 900k, very close to that 1 million.
This is a problem that eventually will solve itself when these people start selling their nanos or using it to buy things with. It's a pain we have to live with now, as it means that nano has some powerful whales (sadly). And a few of them most likely are hackers from back in the days - mercatox/bitgrail, so...there are enough nanos that can be dumped. At the same time, there also will be a lot of nanos people can buy. In the long term this will sort itself out but on the short term its...less nice to have.

EDIT: Also remember, this is only true for TODAY, 23 march 2019. This information CAN/WILL change with time! If you arent trading, REMOVE YOUR NANOS FROM BINANCE AND KUCOIN, for the love of god lol. And change your rep from devs or nanowallet/brainblocks to a rep node of 0.1% to max 5% of maximum voting weight! We want to have 1000 voting weights, all having 0.1% of the voting weight (which currently is the max state of decentralization for nano, since a voting node is only active if it holds 0.1% of the total nano supply).

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Binance enables margin trading for Nano

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You can now buy NANO instantly or recurring using Buy Crypto on Binance.US

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Binance REQ withdrawal fees are insane!

Hey all, I know everyone has complained about how high Binance withdrawal can be, but after everyone threw a fit about 1 Nano, Binance heard and dropped it to .01 XRB. We need to start complaining about REQ. Currently it is 31.8 REQ to withdraw, which as current value in the dip is still ~$10!! I am all about Binance making some money, they are a business like any other.... but how can the charge $10-$20 on some tokens and $0.15 on others?!
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Scenario: How to access Binance DEX if I lost my Ledger Nano S ?

Say I have lost two of my Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.
And I have BNB coins stored in Binance DEX (.org) via Ledger Nano S.
How can I get accessed to the BNB coins stored in the Binance DEX ?
Is there a mobile wallet that I can use to get access to them ? (With my 24 seeds & passphrase)
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Should I use the ERC20 or BEP2 network on Binance to transfer my ETH funds to Ledger NANO X ?

I have some ETH on Binance and I want them transfer to cold wallet (Ledger NANO X), I'm not sure what the difference is between the two networks (ERC20 or BEP2) and which will be most compatible with Ledger NANO X device ?
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Error Trying to send nano from Canoe to Binance


I have all of my nano in my canoe wallet. I tried to send it to Binance wallet, and the transaction said it went through on the canoe app. I have not received anything on Binance, and I cannot view the transaction on Nanode as I get a message saying that "this block hasn't been received yet"

Can anyone help me out here?

Edit - FIXED. Moved the seed to Natrium. Thank you for your help!
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Please tell us why binance deposits are "suspend." It's been four days.

I didn't want to spread the fud but its been too and on for 4 days. In this post a guy was talking about how he got double deposits:
In this post it is stated that the devs are working with binance to resolve this issue.
What is the issue? And why do they need nano devs to help them?
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Careful, buying nano from binance with you own currency will give you at least 50 % less

As the tittle says, buying nano from binance with your country currency (not USD) will give you at least 30-40% less i was buying 100usd and they will give me just 69 nanos. Not worthy at all. you can loose almost 30-40 dollars doing that. Even if if you pay 5% to buy a feeless is not worthy, actually it is insane, if one of the selling point of nano is microtransactions. EDIT: i was using COP and i check another similar currencys on southamerican countries. Nano can not be bought with the official currency in poor countries easily without trade and without a big fee. you will be fucked if you do that. DON´T!
Right now is there a better way for people not in usa or europe?
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Delegating to binance using ledger nano x, 60 days no rewards paid

It has been 60 days since I delegated to binance. I check my balance and there hasn't been any deposits.
I read binance doesn't pay unless you have your coins with them.
Did I messed it up? Or is there a step in between for me to get those coins?
I feel like they are taking advantage of people if binance is not releasing rewards unless you have an account with them. They shouldn't be listed in public bakers.
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Nano Digest - 45+ fiat pairs available Binance, Brave Browser, Trustwallet, Swapzone, Nanogate, Build-off, and more!

We've got a well-packed Nano Digest for you today, give it a click!
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How to buy Cardano on Binance! Fast and Easy Binance Exchange: How to Buy Cryptocurrency for Beginners ... Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Nano for Finance - 60sec Binance is Back! Let's Buy Some BNB Coin. Let the Alt Season Begin! Nano (XRB) Gets Listed On Binance!

Oct 23, 2019 Nano S - Receiving crypto assets. Previous article. Oct 23, 2019 Nano X - Receiving crypto assets Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume Binance.US is a secure platform for users to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. Fast Binance.US offers unwavering performance with a trusted world-class matching engine, supporting up to 1,400,000 orders per second. Binance Research analyzes Nano (NANO), a fee-less, instantaneous cryptocurrency featuring a novel Block Lattice architecture technology. Ledger Nano X overview. The Ledger Nano X is a compact device that easily fits into a pocket, making it convenient for you to manage your crypto holdings on the go. Compared to the Ledger Nano S, it has a slightly larger screen and better-placed buttons that are easier to press.

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How to buy Cardano on Binance! Fast and Easy

This is a guide on how to buy cryptocurrency for beginners using Binance safely and securely, step-by-step. Binance Signup Link: Testing out the New Binance DEX Testnet using Ledger Nano S - Duration: 16:52. Rex Kneisley 3,306 views. 16:52. How To Use A Bitcoin Hardware Wallet: Ledger Nano X - Duration: 39:02. Nano, formally XRB, gets listed on Binance. At the time of this recording it happened an hour ago on Feb. 2, 2018. My expectations for the coin can be found in this video and my latest video: ... The world’s smallest commercial PC*. Compatible with Tiny-in-One monitors powered by Intel® and Windows 10 Pro. Clutter free workspace for greater productivity. Keep financial data safe. Find ... Testing out the New Binance DEX Testnet using Ledger Nano S - Duration: 16:52. Rex Kneisley 3,063 views. 16:52. Everything You Need to Know to Store Binance Coin on Ledger - Duration: 10:07.