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Will binance support the upcoming for SegWit2x?

Has anyone heard? I haven't found any announcements online to confirm for sure.
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Binance with BTC core? Not supporting Segwit2x, right?

Segwit2x has considerable support from corporations and miners. This article from is especially worrying. It reads:
.. storing any BTC on services such as Coinbase, Bitpay and Xapo is strongly not recommended. By storing BTC on these services, you could find that after the hard fork, your BTC has been renamed to something else or replaced entirely with the new altcoin.
The article lists several exchanges that pledged to support segwit2x; Not many mainstream exchanges are there. I believe Binance is with Bitcoin Core.
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Bitcoin SegWit2x Fork

based on their website it will occur on block #501451. We are in block 501270 so now we need to wait for Binance to determine if they are going to support it or not.
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r/Bitcoin recap - November 2018

Hi Bitcoiners!
I’m back with the 23rd monthly Bitcoin news recap.
For those unfamiliar, each day I pick out the most popularelevant/interesting stories in Bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.
You can see recaps of the previous months on
A recap of Bitcoin in November 2018
Regulation & Politics
Archeology (Financial Incumbents)
Price & Trading
Fun & Other
Congratulations Bitcoin on about to be 1 Million subscribers! See you next month!
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What exchanges support SegWit2x?

Hello, I was wondering what exchanges will support this upcoming fork? Specifically interested in Coinbase/Gdax and Gemini since that is where my funds are held.
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RPX ICO Analysis and Projection

Original post by samrajyacoin on
[RPX] Red Pulse Token – Next Generation Intelligence and Content Ecosystem
Current RPX Token available for trading (Circulating Supply) is 543,348,500.00. Seems huge right? But in USD, its valuation as of date is just $15,000,000.00 at the rate of $0.0276 per RPX Token.
As of writing this personal research and opinion, Pepe Cash at 175th position in www.coinmarketcap/all/viwes/all has similar statistics (not comparing the projects. Just the numbers in general to get an idea). Whereas, RPX has the caliber and potential to claim top 50 positions from the very beginning with minimum market cap of over $150,000,000.00 and initial volume at $50,000,000.00.
If ICO participants were allowed to invest, then $50,000,000.00 could have been achieved from within the whitelisted investors itself. In that case, Red Pulse could have claimed 88th Position as of date in (practically achievable) at the rate of $0.092 per RPX. One of the strong reasons being – The Demand and Profitability would still be higher in secondary market after it hits exchanges as Chinese, US and Singaporean were not allowed to participate in the ICO.
Red Pulse team must have realized by the ICO time that they actually undervalued the token and sold at lot lesser rates than they actually could have. 9 cents per RPX or higher could have been an easy target. Many other non-deserving ICOs have hit similar cap. Sincere thanks to Red Pulse team for sticking to and honoring the initial terms.
So, in my opinion, any rate below 7 times the ICO rate would be an undervaluation of RPX Tokens once it hits exchanges.
There are too many forces that can drag this coin’s value to $1 per RPX in short period. Below are the major mentions:
  1. Solution Red Pulse intends to provide: Specific, on time and quality data/contents over Information Overload to facilitate Investors to make radical and informed investment decision. Investors, both individual and institutional can benefit from this to large extent thereby attracting Investors to buy RPX Tokens for its actual use cases.
  2. Red Pulse is a proven company generating revenue for past 2 years with working desktop and mobile platforms. With all-star team and advisors, more are under development as stated in the road map. This makes RPX one of the rare ICOs unlike others those having either only idea or a minimum viable product.
  3. Red Pulse is supported by Strong Partners including NEO, Accenture, Binance, Onchain, Z-BEN/ADVISORS, Blockchain Partners Korea, Kenetic Capital.
  4. Red Pulse already have existing huge clientele base that will require RPX Tokens to access the data and contents. Red Pulse is also used by Bloomberg, Business Week, Thompson Reuters, Euromoney, Financial Times, Asian Investor, South China Morning Post, The wall street Journal.
  5. Content Creators (Generally Industry expert. Both Individual and Companies) with higher credibility shall earn more RPX. This will motivate them to create quality and on-time contents that will simultaneously attract more RPX Investors.
  6. Content Consumers (Investors. Both Individual and Institutional) will want to stock (freeze) sufficient RPX. Reason being; • Investors with more RPX Tokens shall have more up-voting power. • Can be on standby with RPX in stock to pay for the new contents to get early access. • Temporary but exclusive access to contents to read it first. • If RPX tokens are held in Red Pulse platform, 5% tokens from total of 10% inflation per year will be distributed proportionately to token holders. Remaining 5% will be distributed to the Content Creators.
  7. If an Investor is going to largely benefit from the content provided by Red Pulse Platform then each Investor would not mind investing in thousands to stock / freeze RPX Tokens to secure their spot thereby creating scarcity and high demand in the market.
  8. Investors (Both Individual and Institutional) are the ones who will require RPX the most for actual use cases. Knowing the demand, the crypto investors including US, Singaporeans and Chinese will rally in to claim a piece of the action which will increase the demand to next level whereas the market’s total RPX supply capacity at the moment is only 543,348,500.00. Supply is so low that it might be enough only for few hundreds of heavy buyers. So, the demand is going to be excessively higher than supply rapidly multiplying the RPX rate once tradable in exchange.
  9. Possibilities and Impacts: • China’s decision that’s expected shortly will have an impact. If negative, crypto will find its way as it has in the past. NEO, Hshare, Binance Coin, Walton, etc. are the live examples. If positive then RPX growth rate will be exponential. • Investors expectation to receive 1 free Bitcoin Gold for 1 Bitcoin held during the hardfork happening on 25th Oct 2017 is one of the major reasons that is centralizing most of the crypto investments in Bitcoin at the moment with Bitcoin domination over 55+% in coinmarketcap. Yet to see if it is really worth it or Bitcoin Gold will be another altcoin struggling for its basic place in crypto space. Anyways, after that, the investments should again start flowing into deserving altcoins as normal and that’s when I believe RPX will or should go live in exchanges. • Another Bitcoin hardfork expected between 18-27 November 2017 was pre-planned on day one of segwit2x. Hence, should not pose any unique threat towards RPX growth. Depending on how the overall crypto market moves, all the altcoins are affected accordingly which is a different matter altogether and not specifically related to Red Pulse.
  10. NEO supporters are equally interested with RPX being first ICO on the platform. By NEO supporters, we are talking about significant numbers.
Traders, Holders, Investors, Content Creators, Content Consumers, Whales, etc. will try to buy at low rates from exchange but unsure if will happen as RPX should be the Project with one the highest ICO ROIs.
I would like to congratulate and thank NEO and CoZ. ICO Platform performance during ICO was as smooth as Silk!
Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this. These are my personal research and opinion and not a financial advice. I am not your financial and or Legal Advisor. Please do your own due diligence.
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Will binance support the new s2x fork?
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[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] Predictions for 2018 and lessons learned from trends in 2017

The following post by arsonbunny is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been openly removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: CryptoCurrency/comments/7qk781
The original post's content was as follows:
I'd like to take the time to reflect on the crazy year that was 2017 for cryptocurrency investors, and weigh in on what we've learned over the past year, while also making a few predictions for the future.
One year feels like a decade in crypto, and so many various forces finally cumulated together in 2017 that we had an explosion of activity that left me feeling both exhausted and exhilarated. We saw LTC go on Coinbase, we saw an ICO rush with new issues like Bancor raising 150mil in 3 hours, we saw the absurdity that is cryptokitties crushing the ETH network, we saw Bitcoin Cash and the shitshow surrounding that, we saw Segwit and the long awaited Bitcoin futures. I will always remember where I was at the moment I watched Bitcoin pass $10,000 on GDAX. I will never forget the sweat as I watched the Gemini Auction for my BTC and then waiting for the payment to settle. And I will never forget the flurry of questions, advice seeking and inquiries from people in December as the media spotlight made cryptocurrencies a mainstream concern. We've come a long way, from the days of being considered oddball technogeeks to now being the vanguard of early adopters.

Some major trends in 2017 and lessons learned

  • The Mainstreaming of Cryptocurrencies: This was the year that the "normies" entered crypto in astounding numbers, especially later in the year and cumulating in December. From Ice Tea companies to my hairdresser, everyone wanted to be involved in crypto. New naive money will continue to pump into the market this year, and its important we welcome them while also keeping their expectations grounded in reality. Encouraging new investors with stories of how they can double their investment in a week is not a sustainable method of keeping them interested in crypto.
  • ICO Craze: For many 2017 was the year that the ICO. People made a ton of money by getting into ICOs early before a coin became hyped by the marketing efforts. Sites like ICOBench sprung up and provided people an easy way to find new ICOs to invest in, and those who got in could get a handsome profit by buying the coins for pennies then selling them for dimes a few months later at an exchange, with many ICOs offering pre-sale discounts for early registrations. I suspect that this trend will actually die out in 2018 as there seem to be way too many coins coming out now and they won't all be able to pump, we're already seeing ICOs recently getting dumped hard the moment they start trading on an exchange.
  • The rapid development of altcoin investment: At the beginning of the year the marketcap for altcoins as just $2 billion. By the end of 2017 it grew to over $370 billion. This was the year that investing in cryptos became about more than just Bitcoin. We saw an explosion of new promising altcoins, Binance launched in July, LTC was added to Coinbase and Ethereum really came into its own as a dominant force. I suspect that this focus on altcoins will continue as its now easier than ever to research and obtain them.
  • Resilience in the face of regulation: China banned initial coin offerings and bitcoin exchanges in the first weeks of September. The ban caused a precipitous drop in cryptocurrency flows worldwide and invoked panic within me, with Bitcoin going down to almost $3K. However we recovered surprisingly quick. This is why I wasn't too concerned with the recent news that Korea may crack down on exchanges. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and distributed, and while government actions certainly can hurt the price in the short term, I think any attempts at increased crackdowns will result in a recovery within a few months. Crypto seems to be a lot more resilient than most people realize to laws trying to destroy it, so don't freak out when you hear a story about increased regulation in the Far East.
  • Institutional money coming in: We saw the speculation of an ETF not come to fruition, but in December the CME Group and CBOE started trading futures on Bitcoin. The lead up to this event and the subsequent decline and relative stabilization of Bitcoin will lead to a cascade of effects. We now have a genuine price discovery mechanism that will put downward pressure on BTC with its futures contracts. McAfees predictions of a million dollar BTC are not going to come to fruition now that you can short it.
  • Chase for the "next bitcoin": Lambo psychosis dominated and continued into the new year with nearly every coin in the top 100 showing a steep parabolic rise. This is actually something a lot of long term investors find deeply troubling, because now people are hungry for crazy x10 gains within a month and that is simply unsustainable.

Some predictions for the year 2018

Decline for Bitcoin
I have a long-standing emotional connection to Bitcoin and really do want it to succeed. But by now even the early adopters have come to accept how far away we are from the original vision of the currency. We are now seeing a decrease in adoption among ecommerce sites, which a sad state of affairs. I'm not so confident that Lighning will be enough at this point. Lightning likely wont be here for at least another 1-2 years and the problem will be user adoption. Segwit gave users a 40% discount on fees, and was a relatively simple upgrade, yet its 2018 and only 8% of transactions come from Segwit addresses. LN is way more difficult to implement, so don't expect it to be useful for at least a year after release. Core developers should have followed through with the New York Agreement and increased the blocksize to 2 MB. It's actually much more practical to scale BTC through miners than users, as most miners abide by the rules of a small set of mining pools and use the same software. Segwit2X was doomed to failure but it had 90% support among miners before the campaign against it started, and even after it had over 70% miner support. I think 70% miner support before a fork is vastly better for initiating a change than 8% user support.
Core team really needs to wake up right away and realize that the continual declines in market dominance are a reflection of Bitcoins failure to find utility, and that the first movers advantage and name brand will not last forever. Unless it solves the problem of insane transaction fees, ballooned mempool size, long transaction times and most of the accounts not even being able to afford to move the balance out I don't see BTC doing anything but declining in market dominance.
Ethereum will become an even more dominant force
I can see the long awaited flipening come in 2018. Ethereum already processes way more transactions than anything else, it already is basically THE platform for new coins and powers so much of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. The Constantinople fork and Casper Proof-of-Stake changes should take care of the TPS limitations for the next few years, and I expect to see an explosion of dApps in 2018. Ethereum has tons of developer support behind it and POS means people will want to hold it for the long term. Its already become my #1 core/safe-haven position and I think a 3-5K range in 2018 is completely reasonable.
The emergence of transactable business-oriented blockchains
The last few years were about theory and technological innovation, but I think 2018 will be the year that cryptocurrencies finally start to demonstrate value in solving business problems.
Ultimately a cryptocurrency is pointless if it doesn't solve some transactional problem or alleviate some inefficiency in the value-exchange process. There are several sectors/cases for business users that are ripe for blockchain technology: supply chain, settlement layers between intercurrency transactions, payment processing, offloading processing tasks onto blockchains, identity management...etc.
I expect that transactable coins that actually have functionality will be the big winners. ICX, WTC, VEN, NEO, XLM and others that target enterprise-oriented use cases will likely be the focus over the next year.
The rise of a DAG coin as a standard for transfers between exchanges, most likely Raiblocks (XRB)
Lets be perfectly honest: Right now the vast majority of transactions being conducted on the blockchain is simply moving cryptos around various exchanges. Its quite a nerve-wracking process, watching thousands of dollars sitting unconfirmed on the blockchain explorer for hours is not a pleasant experience. If you move your balances a lot you will end up losing substantial money to transfer fees. This is why I can see a light fast DAG becoming a standard for inter-exchange transfers of funds, specifically XRB after it gets listed on Binance. Being a DAG the process of onboarding isn't as simple as just adding another ERC20 coin, but once the Raiblocks team figures this out on Binance I suspect that adoption will follow quickly to other exchanges. The quick transactions speed and no cost will make it the ideal coin to exploit arbitrage between less liquid and more liquid markets.
The rise of "dividend" coins"
The next year should be one where the stretched valuations are questioned, and those coins that pay out a form of dividend and can thus be easily valued will become a safe harbor. NEO, EOS, ARK, VEN,OMG among others should gain favor. We actually saw NEO do particularly well in this recent downturn. I expect to see a lot more also following this dividend payment model.
**The move away ...
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Announcement of global exchanges about BTC Segwit2x fork

Binance – No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
Bitfinex – Tentative support for honoring Segwit2x balances . New chain will be listed as B2X.
bitFlyer – No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
Bithumb– No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
BitMEX– As of now, will not support Segwit2x. Original chain will still be listed as BTC.
BitPay– Will follow the chain with the highest accumulated difficulty. Will refer to the minority chain as BC1 (if Segwit2x is the majority) or BC2 (if Segwit2x is the minority) with no further support for the minority.
Bitso – No formal announcement, but will be supporting Segwit2x .
Bitstamp – No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
Bittrex – No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet. – Tentative support for Segwit2x. Hash power will decide which chain Blockchain follows.
BTCC – Will support Segwit2x. Hash power will decide which chain is listed as BTC.
BTC Markets – Will support Segwit2x if there is sufficient community and miner support. Hash power and/or market capitalization will decide which chain is listed as BTC.
CEX.IO – Will honor Segwit2x balances as well as enable trading . New chain will be listed as B2X.
Coinbase – Will honor Segwit2x balances as well as enable trading . Hash power will decide which chain is listed as BTC.
Coinfoor – No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
Coinnest– Full Segwit2x support .
Coinone – Planning on full Segwit2x support.
CoinsBank – Reported to Bitcoin Magazine that they will not be supporting Segwit2x.
Gatecoin – Will not support Segwit2x.
GDAX – Will honor Segwit2x balances as well as enable trading . Hash power will decide which chain is listed as BTC.
Gemini – No explicit support for or against. Hash power will decide which chain is listed as BTC.
Exmo– No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
HitBTC – Tentative support of supporting Segwit2x . New chain will be listed as B2X.
Huobi Pro – Will honor Segwit2x balances as well as enable trading .
itBit– No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
Kraken – No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
LakeBTC – No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
Liqui – No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
OKCoin/OKEX– Will support Segwit2x .
Poloniex– No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
Quoine – No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
The Rock Trading– As per Bitcoin Magazine, they are unsure as to if they will support Segwit2x. If they do, it will be listed as B2X.
Vaultoro – No explicit support for or against Segwit2x .
WEX – Will not support Segwit2x .
Whalepool – Will not support Segwit2x.
Xapo – Full support for Segwit2x. Hash power will decide which chain is listed as BTC.
YoBit – No announcement on Segwit2x as of yet.
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SEGWIT2X fork support?

Will Binance support the SEGWIT2X fork at block 501451 ~ 28.12.2017?
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A list of upcoming "Bitcoin fork" being promoted for "dividends"

The following comment was removed in /btcfork - not by any moderator afaics so I guess it was automated spam filtering.
But it is an excellent example of how Bitcoin forks are being promoted to further the "dividends" agenda of diluting the importance of hard forks as methods for upgrading Bitcoin, and making them seem to serve no other purpose except money grabs or scams.
This was posted by user "solracor" in a post titled "Próximas Bitcoin Forks 2017 - 2018 - Dados CryptoCurrency".
It is recommended to be very cautious when dealing with these forks, no doubt some of them are outright scams which will try to get people to enter private details and keys on websites to steal their coins.
I am posting this here only for awareness of possible scams.
Get ready for a wave of Bitcoin forks! Bitcoin forks: 12 until early January! Upcoming Bitcoin Forks 2017 - 2018
Without further details, the following Bitcoin forks are planned for 2017 -2018 (we'll add more forks as they are announced and notes how forks occur):
  1. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is a fork of Bitcoin that occurs at the predetermined height of block 495866 and therewith a new chain will be generated as the BCD. Bitcoin Diamond miners will begin creating blocks with a new proof-of-work algorithm, and will consecutively develop and enhance the protection for account transfer and privacy based on original features of BTC. This will cause a bifurcation of the Bitcoin blockchain. The original Bitcoin blockchain will continue on unaltered, but a new branch of the blockchain will split off from the original chain. It shares the same transaction history with Bitcoin until it starts branching and coming into a unique block from which it diverges. As a result of this process, a new cryptocurrency was created which we call “Bitcoin Diamond”.
  2. BitcoinX (BCX): an intelligent contract (like Ethereum) based Bitcoin. Block 498888. NOTE: Snapshot has already occurred; Futures are being traded, no currency has been released.
  3. Super Bitcoin (SBTC): like BitcoinX, an intelligent contract based on Bitcoin. Block 498888. NOTE: Snapshot has already occurred; Futures are being traded, no currency has been released.
  4. Bitcoin Platinum (BTP): According to the website, "Satoshi's original vision of decentralized electronic money". Around 12 December. Blocks 497757 / 498533. TIP: Bitcoin Platinum is rumored to be fake see: Bitcoin Platinum Created by South Korean Teen as a scam, the local market is erupting.
  5. Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC): A fork that is intended to provide "fast lighting fixtures". It uses smart contracts and can host decentralized applications like Ethereum (and Super Bitcoin). On December 23rd. Block 499,999.
  6. Bitcoin Cash Plus (BCP): according to the website, "fulfilling the original promise of Bitcoin". Around January 2, 2018. Block 501407.
  7. Bitcoin Silver (BTCS): According to a BitcoinTalk forum, the currency aims to "Make Bitcoin Decentralized again". Apparently, it occurs "in December." The site was up, but now it's down. This is not a good omen. - then see instead -
  8. Bitcoin Uranium (BUM): According to a BitcoinTalk forum, the currency aims to "Make Bitcoin Great Again." Apparently, it occurs "in December." Https://
  9. God of Bitcoin: Without preminar, it is apparently a Christmas gift from Chinese investor Chandler Guo. Occurs on December 25th. Https://
  10. Bitcoin Atom (BCA): Bitcoin Atom is a bitcoin fork with segwit enabled with atomic swaps, hybrid consensus and ray network. Exact fork block / date TBA. See:
  11. UNITEDBITCOIN: LINKING VALUES AND SERVING THE WORLD! The distribution of phase 2 of the UBTC will occur at the time of block # 501878. UNITEDBITCOIN UPGRADES BITCOIN THROUGH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF INTELLIGENT CONTRACTS. Bitcoin Labor Testing and Emission Model, with new high speed smart contracts. Future Lightning Network support for faster, more cost-effective transactions. UnitedBitcoin (UBTC) will be allocated to active Bitcoin portfolios at a rate of 1 BTC to 1 UBTC at fork time. Without pre-mining, stable system with fixed reserves in fiduciary currency See:
  12. Bitcoin Interest ("BCI") is a frictionless global payment system that focuses on three main areas of Technology, Community and Savings. Our payment system has a new integrated savings technology that allows our users to park their coins and earn interest. January 22, 2018 at 11:59 PM GMT, or in block 505083. See:
To summarize the above and connect some points, Super Bitcoin and BitcoinX are Ethereum competitors (as they use smart contracts like the Ethereum network), Bitcoin Platinum and Bitcoin Cash Plus are basically competitors of Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin's competitors as currency ), Lightening Bitcoin is a blend of Super Bitcoin / BitcoinX and Bitcoin Platinum / Bitcoin Cash Plus (since both are designed to be competitive as currency and uses smart contracts), and Bitcoin Silver and Bitcoin Uranium are competitors of Bitcoin Gold ( competing for Bitcoin as a valuable store that is profitable for mine), and finally Bitcoin God is a Chandler Guo Christmas gift (simply meant to reward people for having Bitcoin).
This may sound crazy, but if you think about these as user-triggered dividends, it starts to make a little more sense.
To ensure you get your coins from the Bitcoin forks up to the Bitcoin, you are holding: Make sure to be in a Bitcoin wallet that supports the forks (Coinomi multiwallet with over 300 different coins has been good on this), an exchange like Binance with a good record of support forks (Binance supported Bitcoin Cash, Gold, Segwit2x, Diamond and Super Bitcoin and offered futures on the snapshot date or around the date of each snapshot, meanwhile as a user pointed out, hitbtc has been good at supporting forks, Super Bitcoin futures have been traded on hitbtc immediately after the fork, for example), or otherwise being in control of their private keys when forks occur (for example, in a portfolio like Bizcoin Core)!
Unknown. Here are some of the other Bitcoin HF / air drops planned for 2018:
Bitcoin Rubies (BTCRUBBY) ERC20?
Bitcoin Dollars?
Bitcoin Stones?
Bitcoin Script BTCS reborn from the ashes?
Bitcoin Steel?
Bitcoin Razor?
Bitcoin Bronze (BTCB). Symbol: BTCB Decimal: 18 Total supply: 50 million ERC20 Distribution Airdrop rounds Round 1 Airdrop
Bitcoin Iron?
Bitcoin Atomic (ATOM) Atomic Coin New Blockchain is coming out soon. Let's launch a new chain of Atomic Coin blocks with faster features. Then, deposit your atomic currency for exchange in the Web wallet before 1/1/2018.
Bitcoin Elliptic?
Bitcoin Hash?
Bitcoin XOR?
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Binance and segwit2x

Will Binance support the new bitcoin Blockchain after the segwit2x fork? If you're btc is held on Binance when the fork occurs, will you be credited with the same amount of the new asset?
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Upbit is online

Upbit is now online.
My phone is rooted and despite being able to use my banking (I use Magisk to hide the root) and most other apps, I can't use the Android app. But the same goes for the Bithumb app. That's fine... I'd rather use the website anyway.
Maker / Taker Fees (updated):
KRW Market 0.139% → 0.05% (promo DISCOUNT)
BTC/ETH/USDT Market 0.25% → 0.2% (promo PAYBACK)
Seems kind of high but it will be nice to buy/sell some alt-coins more directly... and with a slightly lower fee. Looks like a decent range but... a lot of shit-coins in there, too.
Pity there's no English interface. Korean only.
10/29 UPDATE (with major edits above as well):
Just looked close at the MakeTaker fees better. Maybe I didn't get it last time. I wish I could get some KRW on there... 0.05% is an amazing fee when spending fiat directly... Even the usual rate of 0.139% still beats Bithumb's 0.15% but not Coinone's 0.1%... Not mentioning Korbit because please folks, stay away from these Segwit2X supporters.
Seriously. That would be great for alts.
I found a note that the promo runs 10.24 to 11.30... I really hope they're out of Beta before then. I'd love to see that discount. I really hope that 11.30 doesn't mean the Beta will exit December 1...
Also note that the KRW fee is a direct discount but using BTC/ETH is a "PAYBACK" discount which is "paid within 10 days after the discount period" which seems to mean you can get some of your BTC/ETH/USDT back that was eaten by the fee. Sigh. Not so useful, eh?
The KRW Market does look pretty good... but you'll have to check carefully the coin you want BEFORE sending KRW. It looks like some alts are only on the ETH or BTC Markets (in which case, Binance or something might have less fees). I didn't look too closely. Seriously. 100+ Coins.
Aaaand the final note for this update. It looks like the verification page malfunctions... My Level 2 phone number was never verified before. I went through the KRW Wallet and it says (of course), I need to upgrade my level. The phone verification worked on the first shot this time. Not sure why the roundabout way worked better than the main "verification" page. Heh.
10/29 UPDATE 2:
Still can't get the Level 3 bank withdrawal verification to work... It tells me my NH account is invalid. It looks possible at this point to deposit fiat. Not sure if I'm up for it, yet but it looks like a similar system as Bithumb with a virtual account number.
Level 2 Withdrawal limit is the equivalent of 3 BTC / 50 ETH. Not sure about a limit on alts but this seems like an adequate limit even without verifying your withdrawal bank account.
Not 100% sure but it looks like the first time you go for any kind of withdrawal, it will be blocked for 96 hours unless you manually submit some complicated pictures and handwrtitten notes with a selfie...? Bithumb can be super-irritating like that but at least Upbit looks like they will accept a screenshot and I won't have to run to an ATM to get my bankbook updated... and just the first time? We'll see.
And errr, finally... AND THIS IS IMPORTANT. It looks like the KRW Market isn't functional, yet. Even the ETH Market has a ticker in BTC and shows the equivalent price in BTC when you go to put in your buy order... but you can punch in your KRW price... up to 100,000 KRW at once. AND buy BTC to actually use. Er. What? Oh well. Open Beta still.
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12-27 04:22 - 'Segwit2x did I get this right?' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Drmrstheobsidemonarc removed from /r/Bitcoin within 31-41min

Being a bit of a n00b, I just realised this might affect me. I had BTC in my Exodus wallet, and read a post that suggested they may or may not support a fork (depending on other exchanges). I also have a Binance account... so reading that they would make available any new coins I immediately xferred all my BTC there. Did I get this right, or at least the gist of it?
Segwit2x did I get this right?
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: Drmrstheobsidemonarc
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Is Binance Exchange Supporting SegWit2x ? BitCoin Hard Fork (Hindi / Urdu) How to double your bitcoin with Segwit2x!! SegWit2x  Last Minute Advice  Get 2X Coins Tokens  What Can You Still Do? Bitcoin Segwit2x Official Wallet?!?  Should You Use It? Ledger Wallet Will Suport Segwit2x  How To Use Segwit2x With Ledger

Before we start talking about trading in binance, we will talk about how the creation of cryptocurrencies came as a huge explosion and created a dynamic change in the financial world, by giving to people coins who are not under government control.. However, in addition to getting rid of the bureaucracy that comes with traditional financial institutions, digital currencies led to the creation ... Binance is preparing for the upcoming potential Bitcoin fork (SegWit2x) with the following procedures. Before the potential fork, Binance may suspend momentarily Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. If the hardfork happens, Binance would like to support any meaningful forks. Recall that earlier, the struggle of SegWit against SegWit2x split the bitcoin community. The dispute escalated into a war between various groups of crypto enthusiasts, some of whom entered into closed industry agreements, which was later followed by the launch of the Bitcoin Cash project. ... Binance and Rotary Support Hospitals in the Fight ... Transfer Bitcoin or Etherium to an exchange that supports SegWit2x currency. Finally, exchange Bitcoin or Etherium to SegWit2x. Please follow our step by step guide bellow to buy SegWit2x. 1. Create an Account on Coinbase. To buy Ethereum from Coinbase – which you will exchange for SegWit2x (B2X) later – you have to create an account at ... Coinbase, the most popular bitcoin exchange in USA has issued a statement about the upcoming bitcoin forks, Segwit2x (Bitcoin2x) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Segwit2x fork date is November 16th 2017 while the Bitcoin Gold fork occurred on October 23rd 2017. Due to lack of information about Bitcoin Gold, Coinbase has decided not to support it […]

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Is Binance Exchange Supporting SegWit2x ? BitCoin Hard Fork (Hindi / Urdu)

Please make a donation below to help support Las Vegas homeless with Food, Drink, and Shelter! ... segwit2x hardfork regalcoin bitconnect hextracoin ... binance cryptocurrency cryptocurencies coinbase SegWit2x Last Minute Advice Get 2X Coins Tokens What Can You Still Do? TOO LATE to take the advice. Block has been MINED! I share some quick tips you can do to secure some 2X coins on Binance. thank you everyone for your support! **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. thank you everyone for your support! **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. thank you everyone for your support! **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation.