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Binance is the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume.

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Is Binance down?
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Is binance down right now, looks like it's frozen

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is Binance down?

Getting a something went wrong, 500 error
EDIT: yeah seems to be up now, but still playing up, not 100%
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Is Binance down?

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Is Binance Down?

Is Binance Down? submitted by vmachado05 to binance [link] [comments]

Is Binance down? Can't access website / mobile app

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Is Binance down??? Can't even load the login screen

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is binance down or under maintenance?

unable to access the site.. just has a blank page with a 'loading' indicator on the tab.
its 0815, GMT +8, Singapore here.
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Is Binance down?

Every time I type in my 2FA it logs me in, then refreshes the page immediately and signs me out? Any ideas, anyone else experience this
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Is Binance down for anyone else?

Instead of the normal Login button under my email and password, I see "Network unavailable,please refresh and try again". Been this way since yesterday morning so I haven't been able to check on my account at all for a while.
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Is it me or is Binance down again?

What's up with Binance? I haven't been able to log on all day. I thought that the upgrade was over.
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is binance down? Was about to buy VEN

I'm getting 500 error. I wanted to buy VEn but can get in. Anyone else experience 500 error on binance
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Is binance down, or is it me

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Is binance down?

Is it just for me or is binance down?
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Is binance down? Cannot log in, acting really strange.

When I click to login it comes up with the security page as if I'm already logged in, however won't let me see my wallet and the login option is still there. Really weird, won't let me log out either. Anyone else having this issue? Not very good for creating confidence. Good job I don't have $$$$ I want to take out or trade asap...
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Is binance down for anyone else?

Here is a look into buzz words in cryptocurrencies.
CRYPTOCURRENCY: A digital currency that relies on cryptography to validate and secure transactions. There are different types of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and ethereum are among the best known.
BITCOIN: A digital, or crypto, currency that enables payment in a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network not governed by any central authority or middleman.
BLOCKCHAIN: Software that first emerged as the system underpinning bitcoin. Also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), it is a shared record of information that is maintained and updated by a network of computers rather than a central authority. It is protected and secured by advanced cryptography.
DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY: A term often used interchangeably with “blockchain,” although technically blockchain describes the public ledger powering bitcoin.
MINING: The process through which transactions are verified and added to the blockchain and new bitcoins are created.
MINERS: Term used to describe the devices or the people that own the devices that validate bitcoin transactions. They get rewarded for the computing power consumed during mining with the bitcoins created in the process.
PUBLIC LEDGER: A distributed ledger that is open to everyone on the internet. Bitcoin’s blockchain is a public ledger.
PERMISSIONED LEDGER: A distributed ledger that requires permission in order to be accessed. The ledger is maintained only by a limited number of parties. This is the kind of blockchain technology that large corporations, such as banks, are more likely to use because of data privacy needs.
DOUBLE SPEND: A successful bitcoin transaction that is sent to two different recipients simultaneously. It’s essentially as if the same dollar bill could be spent twice. Bitcoin’s blockchain is the system that should prevent this from happening.
ALTCOIN: An alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin.
ETHEREUM: A type of blockchain network. The bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains differ primarily in purpose and capability. While the bitcoin blockchain is used to track ownership of the digital currency bitcoin, the Ethereum blockchain can be used to build decentralized applications. The virtual currency associated with Ethereum is called Ether.
HARD FORK: When a blockchain splits into two ledgers creating a new digital currency.
BITCOIN CASH: An alt-coin clone of bitcoin that was created in August 2017 when a group of Chinese miners initiated a fork of bitcoin’s blockchain.
GENESIS BLOCK: The first block in a new blockchain.
HASH RATE: The speed of a bitcoin transaction.
SMART CONTRACTS: Software that runs on blockchain technology and can automatically enforce the terms of an agreement. A “smart bond,” for example, would automatically make interest payments to investors.
ICO: Initial Coin Offering, or a token sale. This is the process or event in which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture and contributors receive tokens in return.
DISTRIBUTED APPLICATION: Software that runs on multiple computers on a given network at the same time.
ORACLES: A data feed, usually a third party service, that provides information for use in smart contracts.
NODES: Connection points for the transmission of data.
DIGITAL WALLET: Software that allows users to make electronic payments, purchases and store their cryptocurrencies online.
PRIVATE KEYS: A form of cryptography that allows users to access their cryptocurrency and is an essential part of its security.
HARDWARE SECURITY MODULES: Or HSM. It is a device that secures data such as digital private keys in a very secure fashion.
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Is binance down?

For one hour I can't access Binance. After the maintenance I could get into it, but now it just doesn't open.
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Is Binance down?

I'm met with a blank page when I go to Binance right now. Is this just a problem on my end or are anyone else having problems just now?
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Is Binance down for anyone else?

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Is Binance down or something?

Just tried to log in, I used the password that I know 100% is my password but it says password failed. I clicked the link that says reset password and put my email address in, it says it has sent an email but it's now been 20 minutes and nothing has been sent.
Has anyone else managed to log in at all? Or have we been ripped off in an elaborate Chinese BTC scam? (it won't be the first)...
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Is Binance Down Right Now?

I can't access it (from western Europe)
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Is binance down?

I think binance is been down, hopefully not an attack. any news?
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Binance.US Is Down Right Now No One Know WHY? Crypto ... Bitcoin is Up! Binance is Down! Breaking News Binance US Exchange Down! Crypto Mom Secures Second Term - Crypto Market Update Binance Down - No Trading, Withdraws

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance.US has halted all trading and orders following an undisclosed disruption in its system, but has assured users that all funds are safe.. The exchange expects to be down for the next six hours. “At 11:26am EST, we noticed our systems not functioning as intended. To protect our users, we will be stopping trading, order processing, buy crypto, deposits, and ... Is up or down today? Find out if is working normally or is there a problem today status: NO ISSUES 4 comments. problems for the last 24 hours. not working? Website is down, not accessible or buggy? I have a problem with ... @OnwukaCharlesE1 @binance @Chiliz @GXChainGlobal @irisnetwork @solana Please the Binance server is really down you guys should fix it up can't trade since 6hours now 2020-08-18 06:16:03 @vijay0664kumar ... Binance Goes Down Under, Launches Cash-to-Crypto Service in Australia Global cryptocurrency exchange Binance unveils Binance Lite Australia , a new platform to buy crypto to support adoption of cryptocurrency use in Australia. @binance Up and down. Brian Springer (@MrBeboes) reported 53 minutes ago. @binance LINK is the first one to make a move Up then down, Up but maybe sit a bit more. Pedro Ferreira (@peferreirag) reported an hour ago. @binance Going down. Scott DAM (@Gu1r1Trader) reported an hour ago. @binance Down. ShowMaker (@ShowMaker_Vie) reported an hour ago

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Binance.US Is Down Right Now No One Know WHY? Crypto ...

Binance will be down another 10+ hours for a system upgrade. No trading or withdraws on Binance during this time. Binance says "Due to a significant increase in users and trading activity, Binance ... Breaking News Binance US Exchange Down! Crypto Mom Secures Second Term, Warning: Bitcoin Bearish Divergence Forming! - Crypto Market Update The Bitmex Killer! No KYC & Get Up to $70 for opening an ... Today Bitcoin is up 9%, and Binance is down due to maintenance. Let's keep the FUD down, and see what the issue really is when they restore trading. Binance.US Is Down Right Now No One Know WHY? Crypto Discuss P22 TechtalkXeonbit [Multi-lang] **Disclaimer** Please be advised that the content of our media are intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION ...