Binance IDEX/BTC - IDEX to Bitcoin Charts.

WINGS - Promotion & Price Discovery for Ethereum ICOs 🦄

WINGS - Promotion & Price Discovery for Ethereum ICOs 🦄

We are a financial application that lets users send and borrow money in any currency worldwide.

Everex is a blockchain based p2p and micro lending platform based on smart contract-built stable coin wallet. Starting with cross-border remittances and p2p/retail payments, Everex will collect and analyze user financial and personal data as a basis for blockchain based credit scoring and lending offerings. By implementing this solution Everex adresses financial inclusion, and access to capital in developing markets, including financial applications for Islamic banking.

WABI | A Digital Token

WABI is the digital token used in the Taeltech ecosystem for verifiably authentic products. WABI allows consumers to verify product authenticity and extract real value through a next-generation loyalty program.

How can I send ETH from Binance to Idex?

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@BinanceResearch: New #Binance listing: $IDEX @idexio is a decentralized exchange on Ethereum that aims to allow high transaction throughput with Optimistic Rollups. The #IDEX token is the native utility token of the platform. Read the IDEX research profile 👇

@BinanceResearch: New #Binance listing: $IDEX @idexio is a decentralized exchange on Ethereum that aims to allow high transaction throughput with Optimistic Rollups. The #IDEX token is the native utility token of the platform. Read the IDEX research profile 👇 submitted by rulesforrebels to BinanceTrading [link] [comments]

Do Capital letters Matter?

Just sent some eth from binance to idex. The address on the binance email confirmation has capital letters where my idex did not. Thoughts?
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How do you transfer FTM tokens from Idex to Binance?

Both attempts failed. I followed Binance's instructions, and attempted to send FTM to ETH address on Binance, and no dice. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
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Are Coinbase and IDEX teaming up to take on Binance in the U.S.?

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Stop this bullsh*t. I know there is a notification if you deposit your tokens on IDEX. But I choose IDEX over Binance because I want to have the control over my coins!

Stop this bullsh*t. I know there is a notification if you deposit your tokens on IDEX. But I choose IDEX over Binance because I want to have the control over my coins! submitted by luca_Skywalker_ to auroradao [link] [comments]

Are Coinbase and IDEX teaming up to take on Binance in the U.S.?

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Looking to finalise my buys, I have 200 pounds to put in 4 (probably) different moonshots, don't mind what they are, preferably on KuCoin/Binance/IDEX

Pretty much title, I want to finalise my portfolio by making my next buy my 4 moonshots, or up to four at least, maybe less with a bigger share.
In any case, I'd love if you could post up a few you're interested in, I'm not going to sweat it massively, if I think its a good project after a bit of research I'm more than happy to just throw a portion at it, I know very little about moonshots and excluding a few of my picks being a bit risky (COSS/Telcoin etc) I'm looking for preferably small marketcaps, and if I could pick up a lot for cheap that would be lovely. Will likely be buying them in small pick ups every few days or so over the next few weeks so will DCA down, but would still would prefer cheap prices to get a small stack
Any options would be very appreciated :D
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IDEX explained. Use IDEX to pick up TRAC before it hits Binance.

IDEX User Guides - How to Trade
Hello and welcome everyone!
Who we are: IDEX is a robust high performance decentralized exchange that allows for market orders, instant order matching, and instant gas-free cancels.
Below are detailed guides on how to use IDEX:
1. Getting Started (Connecting Your Wallet)
2. Deposit, Trade, and Withdraw
This thread will be updated over time as IDEX evolves. If you have any questions please put them below and we will answer them as soon as we can.
Thanks for trying out what we have built :)
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Apart from Binance DEX, any other notable decentralized exchanges coming up? I have heard of IDEX and OAX. Wondering about new ones in development we should pay attention to.

Apart from Binance DEX, any other notable decentralized exchanges coming up? I have heard of IDEX and OAX. Wondering about new ones in development we should pay attention to. submitted by DCC_Official to altcoin_news [link] [comments]

Aeron(ARN), the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain. Listed on CMC, trading on 17+ exchanges(including Binance, IDEX, HitBTC). AIRDROP, join telegram and twitter for 3 ARN. Small total supply, valuable coins, takes a minute to join:

Aeron(ARN), the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain. Listed on CMC, trading on 17+ exchanges(including Binance, IDEX, HitBTC). AIRDROP, join telegram and twitter for 3 ARN. Small total supply, valuable coins, takes a minute to join: submitted by CoolCryptoDrops to cryptogiveaways [link] [comments]

Aeron(ARN), the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain. Listed on CMC, trading on 17+ exchanges(including Binance, IDEX, HitBTC). AIRDROP, join telegram and twitter for 3 ARN. Small total supply, valuable coins, takes a minute to join:

Aeron(ARN), the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain. Listed on CMC, trading on 17+ exchanges(including Binance, IDEX, HitBTC). AIRDROP, join telegram and twitter for 3 ARN. Small total supply, valuable coins, takes a minute to join: submitted by CoolCryptoDrops to Crypto_Airdrops [link] [comments]

Aeron(ARN), the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain. Listed on CMC, trading on 17+ exchanges(including Binance, IDEX, HitBTC). AIRDROP, join telegram and twitter for 3 ARN. Small total supply, valuable coins, takes a minute to join:

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Decentr ($DEC) - foundational cross-chain and cross-platform DeFi protocol

Decentr is a protocol designed to make blockchain/DLT mainstream by allowing DeFi applications built on various blockchains to “talk to each other”. Decentr is a 100% secure and decentralised Web 3.0 protocol where users can apply PDV (personal data value) to increase APR on $DEC that users loan out as part of of our DeFi dLoan features, as well as it being applied at PoS when paying for stuff online. Decentr is also building a BAT competitor browser and Chrome/Firefox extension that acts as a gateway to 100% decentralised Web 3.0
Allows DeFi Dapps to access all Decentr’s dFintech features, including dLoan, dPay. Key innovation is that the protocols is based on a user’s ability to leverage the value of their data as exchangeable “currency”.

A fee is charged for every transaction using dPay whereby an exchange takes place between money (fiat and digital) and data, and vice versa, either as part of DeFi features or via a dApp built on Decentr. They are launching pilot programmes in the following industries:
  1. Banking/PSP Industry: On Product launch, due to Decentr’s powerful PSP connections (including the worlds #2 PSP by volume), a medium-scale pilot program will be launched, which will seed the network with 150,000 PSP customers in primarily the Spanish/LAC markets, generating revenue from day one.
  2. “Bricks and Mortar” Supermarket/Grocery Industry: Decentr aims to ensure the long-term competitiveness of “bricks and mortar” supermarkets against online-only grocery retailers, such as Amazon, by a) building secure tech that allows supermarkets to digitise every aspect of their supply chains and operational functions, while b) allowing supermarkets to leverage this incredibly valuable data as a liquid asset class. Expected revenue by Year 5: $114Mn per year.
  3. Online Advertising Industry: Decentr’s 100% decentralised platform credits users secure data with payable value, in the form of PDV, for engaging with ads. The Brave browser was launched in 2012 and in 8 years has reached over 12 million monthly active users, accented by as many as 4.3 million daily active users.
Decentr recently complete their token sale on a purchase portal powered by Dolomite where they raised $974,000 in 10 minutes for a total sale hardcap of 1.25M. The $DEC token is actively trading on multiple exchanges including Uniswap and IDEX. Listed for free on IDEX, Hotbit, Hoo, Coinw, Tidex, BKex. Listed on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap. Listed on Delta and Blockfolio apps.
➡️ Circulating supply: 61m $DEC.
➡️ Release schedule and token distribution LINK -> NO RELEASE UNTIL 2021.
➡️Contract Address - 0x30f271C9E86D2B7d00a6376Cd96A1cFBD5F0b9b3
➡️Decimals - 18, Ticker - DEC
➡️Uniswap link:
$DEC Token utility:
A tradeable unit of value that is both internal and external to the Decentr platform.A unit of conversion between fiat entering and exiting the Decentr ecosystem.A way to capture the value of user data and combines the activity of every participant of the platform performing payment (dPay), or lending and borrowing (dLend), i.e a way to peg PDV to tangible/actionable value.Method of payment in the Decentr ecosystem.A method to internally underwrite the “Deconomy.
Simon Dedic - chief of Blockfyre:
Spectre Group Pick :
Patrons of the Moon/Lil Uzi:
tehMoonwalker pick who is a TOP 5 influencer per Binance:
Holochain was one of their earliest supporters and they share a deep connection (recently an AMA was conducted in their TG group):
Technical Whitepaper:
Recent Articles:
Chad Gang STRONG Community:
Community News Channel:
Recent Uniswap trades:
Wallet holder tracker:
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FintruX - 991k mcap - Top Singapore Credit Loan System launching into DeFi

FintruX was recently picked by CNBC as one of their top crypto startups!!
See here
The team is now about to take a deep plunge into DeFi with the release for their new TruX platform! A platform that will allow the world's first implentation of Staked Finance!
To explain it easily, unlike Maker, Compound & Curve, instead of opting for only staking rewards from your cryptos, Staked Finance will allow you to seamlessly use them for collateral for stablecoin loans; even while still earning reasonable APY!!
This double incentive is a huge game changer to the DeFi space!!!
i.e. A rudimentary hypothetical analogy of FintruX Staked Finance at work will be like falling into lean times in the short term due to this Covid19 disaster, and then being forced to take a FintruX loan for your business or household needs while collaterizing (not selling) your crypto assets! Yet, at the very same time, still earning APY interests on those assets pending the time your repay your fiat loan!
Another important point to mention is that FintruX has been obscured and in the shadows all this time & unseen because of binance's FTX token, another huge & much younger project accidentially adopting a similar ticker (FTX) !!! Yes, there are two FTX tokens out there, and both are killer blockchain projects!!!
The FintruX team have partnered with Microsoft, AWS, Robocoder & the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as well as many more!!!
Being at 991k marketcap and having 95% of its total supply already circulating in the Fintrux ecosystem is all indications this is ready to fly & grossly undervalued!
FintruX is available on top exchangers: IDEX, Bancor, Hitbtc, Liquid Exchange and just recently Uniswap! Here are the market links from CMC and Coingecko.
Suicide stack: 1000 ftx!
1) Uniswap
3) Bancor
4) HitBTC exchange
5) Liquid Exchange (kyc needed)
See for MORE INFO website. telegram. twitter.
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Wallet compromised

Hi, today I sent 17 ether out from Binance to my ledger nano s wallet. I received 15 Ether, 2 Ether were gone. I immediately checked the TXID on Binance, to my best knowledge the ID only showed 15 Ether the first 3-4 minutes. After waiting and reaching out to Binance and having the tech support on the line, we checked the TXID again and 17 Ether showed up and the transaction was successful. I know this is against all logic, but I feel I have to add this Info to stay truthful to what happened.
17 Ether arrived in my wallet but 1.8 ether were immediately further send out (30 seconds after the 17 arrived according to the TX). I checked the block explorer and it showed 2 additional transactions with each 0.9 Ether spread to two separate wallets. On further research I realized that this exact wallet already took 0.9 Ether the day before and another 2.1 Ether 8 days before.
My Seed is stored and nobody ever had access to it. Guaranteed. Same goes for the ledger. It is at a safe place, nobody besides me has access to it.
This one wallet always receives my funds and then further spreads them to other wallets, some even end up in contract addresses. These wallets have many small transactions therefore it looks like this is a bigger scheme. I could find large sums of ether in some of these last wallets, therefore it looks like a bigger organized setup. Some of the wallets even received direct deposits of a wallet called "binance 4" and "indodax", an Indonesian exchange which gives me some hope that the owner can be tracked down.
My first question is: How can someone take out my ether? When I deposited the 17 Ether today from Binance I did not confirm anything on my ledger nano s. Obviously sending funds from Binance doesn't require such action. How can it be that exactly 30 seconds after the 17 ether hit my wallet, 2x 0.9 ether could be sent directly to two further wallets. Again, I did not confirm these transactions on my nano s.
Considering the size of the receiving wallets I am afraid that this is a bigger scheme and I worry deeply about the security of my funds. Meanwhile I am scared to send out my other funds as I fear a smart contract deployment or some sort on my wallet that always takes money off each transaction.
Some additional info on my user behavior: I use IDEX frequently. If you buy at Idex the process to acquire tokens is often connected to quickly confirming several transactions. If not quickly confirmed the order is not available anymore. Logically, lets say 4 transactions in a row are confirmed without being able to check the text of each transaction. I see this as the only way someone could have slipped in lets say a smart contract confirmation to always take out 0.9 ethereum when a transaction happens, or what ever other options are possible. Fact is, I lost 5 ether until now and I am deeply worried. I need assistance in regards to what to do with my remaining funds.
I need an expert ASAP to further check whats going on. How can I get quick support? This is Urgent, I just don´t feel for writing in an alarming way to make sure someone takes action quickly.
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Rise of the Oracles - Zap Protocol - 600k mcap

It must not have escaped your attention, the recent rise of Oracle protocols.
The reason is simple, there is a lot of value and market share available to oracles. Why? Because without Oracles, blockchain pretty much is useless to the real world.
Zap Protocol is the Most undervalued Oracle protocol till date. 💲680k marketcap! And Why??
I'll tell you. Pretty much because they haven't yet any ties to Binance 😏
In few words,
The Zap Oracle implentation is one of the Earliest Oracle protocol since Chainlink in 2017.
Zap protocol is run by the non-profit Synapse Foundation in Zug, Switzerland, and has deployed its Mainnet. And, it works like a charm.
The Zap Oracle was in actuality the Originator of Bonding Curves, now used by @bandprotocol in their $band & oracle token system, and is actually more decentralized system than Band imo.
Zap Protocol partnered not to long ago with Coingecko. Geesh...i wonder why we didn't hear of that but heard when Band got similiar partnership 🤣
Get $zap on Idex, Bitrue & HitBTC
Pay Attention to link, band, trb and zap.
The Oracles are alive and here to stay. 😍
Read this helpful article as many do not know how big Zap's Oracle solution is. Bigger than Band in technological offering & possibilities as well. So acquaint yourself with zap by reading the article. Zap shouldn't be worth less than 5k sats. If you haven't bagged any Oracles in your crypto portfolio, now's your chance.
MORE READING: [Website] [telegram] [twitter]
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Weekly Update: ParJar Swap private beta, Fantom Opera Network Special-fee Contract, SelfKey + ThreeFold, Open Staking live on Harmony…– 15 May - 21 May'20

Weekly Update: ParJar Swap private beta, Fantom Opera Network Special-fee Contract, SelfKey + ThreeFold, Open Staking live on Harmony…– 15 May - 21 May'20
Hey Parachuters! Seems like ages since I last posted a weekly update, right? Unfortunately, got super busy with IRL work and couldn’t keep up. But fret not! I finally scraped some time out today to get upto speed with all the news from the Parachute universe in May and June and organised them into a series of weekly updates like the ones I used to write earlier. But instead of posting them one by one everyday, thought it might be best to release them all at one go. So here's Part I of VI - All that happened at Parachute + partners from 15 May - 21 May'20:

The ParJar swap feature beta testing started this week with a call to testers far and wide. Click here for the latest update and stats on ParJar straight from Cap's mouth - " took almost two years of betas and growth to reach 1 million tips (March 7th) nd it’s taken 2 months to to add another 400k..". Amazing! The #par4par raffle continues with a 500k $PAR pool. Peace Love hosted a general knowledge trivia in TTR this week for 10k $PAR in prizes. Gamerboy’s random trivia and Victor’s “Big Trivia” in Tiproom were quite fun as well. Naj (who’s also this week’s Parena winner) hosted a six set quiz in TTR. Charlotte’s been hosting quizzes in a new format for quite some time now. This week too she held one in Tiproom. Jason started a #culturalweekend prompt with an invitation to Parachuters to share "about a cultural dance or ceremony" from their area. "Explain in detail about the dance and why it is important" for some cool $PAR. Among many of the cool stories shared by Parachuters included Nico’s Occitan music from Italy and Soleira’s Dancing Devils of Tinaquillo. Congratulations to Clinton’s FLI charity for partnering with Lumenthropy which is Stellar's philanthropic arm. Remember, all profits from the Parachute Shop go to FLI. Another crypto league with a 150k $PAR prize pot started this week. Gian’s Two-For-Tuesday was a free for all. To revisit all the awesome music posted for 2FT, check out the playlist made by Sebastian.
Naj came back from near certain defeat in the finale to win this week’s Parena
aXpire CEO Matthew Markham penned an article on remote work and billing software for legal firms. An updated e-flyer for Bilr was released as well. To track the latest $AXPR burn, click here. 2gether added customer support capabilities to their Twitter, Facebook and Discord. Plus, an incident tracker status page was added this week. The XIO dApp which is still in private beta has already seen 500k+ $XIO tokens locked into it. Awesome! To get a feel of how the dApp works, check out Dash’s latest video demo where he also shared some updates on tokenomics. Uptrennd founder Jeff Kirdeikis interviewed Dash over an hour long session to talk all things XIO. $XIO got listed on Idex. Click here to watch an update video on the latest developments. For XIO discussions this week, Citizens brainstormed over the base liquidity pair on Uniswap V2. DeFi Nation’s Clayton Roche wrote a detailed commentary on what XIO is doing right. Birdchain’s mid-May update came out this week. Voyager hosted a business update conference call this week. CEO Steve Ehrlich talked about the platform and crypto in general with Charlie Shrem on the Untold Stories podcast this week. Voyager’s Q3 2020 results were released. Still figuring out how to fund your Voyager wallet? Watch this video to find out. An upgrade to Fantom’s Opera Network was pushed which allows staking different amounts over time. For the latest project update, click here. A community AMA also happened this week where the team talked about a new staking proposal called Fluid Staking. Jeff from Uptrennd sat down to interview IOST co-founder Terry Wang this week. Uptrennd broke into the top 20k Alexa global rankings. Woohoo! GET Protocol’s GUTS Tickets app is now available in Italian as well. DoYourTip’s $DYT is now available on Uniswap V2.
What a welcome sight for support engineers. Source:
Switch’s $ESH token was listed on Stex, ProBit, Crex 24, Hotbit, Bilaxy and this week. also announced support for the $GHOST airdrop along with a deposit and trade competition. Continuing on its acquisition spree from last week, Switch acquired gaming platform Wavesbet and voting dApp ClearPoll. Whitepaper for the GHOST project by John McAfee was released. They will be airdropping their tokens 1:1 to $ESH HODLers on the 25th. The release of $GHOST has been contentious to say the least. Reflecting on some of the plagiarism allegations levelled against the project, the crew shared their side of the story. The team also sat down for an AMA with Coiner Vietnam. District0x’s latest weekly update talked about the upcoming DappDigest and new developments in Meme Factory among other news. The Q4 2019 quarterly report was released as well. Read all about Hydro’s Financial Offers framework here. If you are a graphic designer, don’t forget to check out this gig at Sentivate. US-residents only. OST’s Simona Pop will be attending a panel discussion by Outlier Ventures next week to talk about dev onboarding. P2P internet ecosystem ThreeFold announced a multi-faceted partnership with SelfKey for KYC and new user onboarding services. Following last week's community vote on the most attractive marketplaces, Passports Marketplace was found to be the most popular. This week, the community voted on their most preferred blockchain to be added to the app. Bank of Hodlers joined SelfKey's Loans Marketplace while joined the Exchanges Marketplace. COTI did a study on IoT payments and how it could offer a solution. The project was selected for the next listing vote on COTI community also got an opportunity to interact with the AtomicWallet team through an AMA this week.
Hydro has been constantly updating its dev tools to offer a seamless developer experience
Click here to read the latest Constellation Hypergraph mainnet stats. New features were added to the Molly wallet. Click here for steps to install the wallet. TheDailyChain expanded on how the $DAG ecosystem was growing. Pynk CEO Seth Ward wrote about the future of fintech in his EM360 article. Congratulations on crossing the 1k follower mark on Medium. In Shuffle Monster news, most of the $SHUF liquidity on Uniswap was moved to the V2 pool this week. New features were added to the Wibson app with the latest release giving more data control powers to the end user. Pre-staking started on the Harmony mainnet with the opening up of bids by validators followed by the election of the first batch of validators thereby marking the start of Open Staking. And just after, Harmony became the first ever blockchain to support sharded PoS. The news of Open Staking going live was covered by Coindesk and Cointelegraph. More details on what next was shared in a Coinspeaker article. How does a delegator fit into the overall scheme of things? Check out this video. Open staking noobs will find these 101 tutorials helpful. CTO Rongjian Lan also did a community call to explain about it. For the latest development updates otherwise known as #pow thread, click here. Harmony’s EPoS is designed to be fair to all stakers. So make sure to optimise your staking rewards. $ONE Binance wallets were taken down briefly for a temporary maintenance activity. They now support the mainnet coin. Hope you had a chance to participate in the guess-effective-median-stake contest to win some cool $ONE prizes. Click here for the latest staking stats. $ONE was added to Binance Savings which offers a fixed rate of return on locked savings. A minor bug in the staking bug was removed. The APR numbers should get calculated more accurately now. The crew appeared for an AMA with StakingHub. Congratulations to the winners of Stake Heist! Binance and BitMax announced support for staking with BItMax crew also appearing for an AMA. IntelliShare crew sat down for an AMA with CoinNess this week.

And with that, we have to close for this week in the Parachuteverse! See you again with another update. Ciao!
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Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

How Decentralized Finance Came to Be

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) can be rightfully considered a third revolution in the crypto space. If you wonder what the first two are, these are the invention of blockchain itself along with the technology’s firstborn, Bitcoin, and the inception of the smart contract technology. Just like blockchain provides the basis for smart contracts, the latter give rise to DeFi. It is often said that smart contracts are poised to revolutionize the ways both humans and organizations interact in their contractual relationships. In this sense, DeFi is the stage where these relationships are set to emerge and develop. With a bigger picture in mind, it is the world that the blockchain technology lays the foundation for, while smart contracts help to build it. Why we need DeFi, how it is possible, what makes it tick and click are the main themes of this article.
by StealthEX

But seriously, why do we need it?

As most financial services in existence today are provided by or involve third parties, for example, banks, exchanges, investment companies, insurance agencies etc, DeFi is an attempt to build an alternative environment, an ecosystem of applications offering the same set of services but now powered by public blockchain networks in a decentralized, transparent and permissionless way. By and large, the basic idea that guides DeFi is essentially the same ethos that drives innovation with crypto as such, but at an entirely different level.
Just like cryptocurrencies try to wrest the state supremacy over money from the hands of rogue governments and central banks, DeFi takes it further and aims higher. With DeFi, it is no longer a matter of creating a coin in an effort to replace fiat money, which mostly doesn’t work anyway. However, building a whole new domain of financial services available fairly and squarely to anyone, with full control over the assets but without corrupt governments and greedy intermediaries sticking around, may pan out better after all.
So, answering the question posed at the beginning of this section, we need DeFi for basically the same reasons we need cryptocurrencies. Or, put differently, if we need cryptocurrencies, an assumption that has been proved indisputable, it is inevitable as well that we will sooner or later become interested in decentralized financial services powered by these cryptocurrencies through smart contract blockchains. We can’t just create Bitcoin and say that’ll do. It is a natural development, a Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in a sense.

How is it ever possible?

As mentioned in the introduction, DeFi emerges thanks to smart contract tech and decentralized applications (or simply dApps) running them. So how does it work in practice? To better understand the idea, let’s take a closer look at a relatively simple example of a decentralized crypto-backed stablecoin which can be created through a smart contract. Stablecoins are coins whose value is pegged to a stable asset such as a commodity like gold or a fiat currency like the US dollar.
There are a few different types of stablecoins that exist in the wild. For the purpose of this exposition, we are interested in crypto-backed stablecoins. Like stablecoins collateralized by fiat, these stablecoins use cryptocurrencies as collateral. However, the key difference is that a fiat-based stablecoin is pegged to the fiat currency which is backing it up. Kinda obvious. A crypto-backed stablecoin, on the other hand, is pegged to one asset, say, the American dollar, but backed up by a completely different one, for example, Ether. Things get tricky.
A crypto-collateralized stablecoin is possible through the magic and the beauty of the smart contract governing it. If the price of such a stablecoin rises above its peg, or parity, you can create more stablecoins and sell them at a premium. If the price of the stablecoin falls below parity, you can buy stablecoins and liquidate them at a discount. If the collateral itself crashes, undercollateralized stablecoins will be liquidated with their collateral now backing up fewer stablecoins. As a result, the price always gets pushed back to parity.
And all this rather complicated stuff is done on the blockchain in a decentralized and automatic fashion with no banks or other third parties involved. Consequently, more services are easily possible too. And quite a few at that.

Okay, what decentralized financial services are available?

Well, one such service we have just described above. Cryptocurrencies are infamous for being extremely volatile, and stablecoins are designed to deal with this issue. There are many stablecoins out there like Tether, TrueUSD, or Gemini Coin, but they are all based on trusting third parties. Easily one of the best known crypto-backed stablecoins is MakerDAO’s DAI, which is pegged against the US dollar with a basket of crypto-assets as collateral in a truly decentralized and trustless way, that is, a blockchain way.
Crypto-based stablecoins can be used on their own by offering a hedge against the price volatility of such popular cryptocurrencies as Ether or Bitcoin. Aside from that, they are also instrumental in other DeFi services, for example, in decentralized exchanges like IDEX or With stablecoins, it becomes possible to create fiat trading pairs in addition to crypto ones in entirely decentralized, non-custodial trading environments as opposed to centralized exchanges like Bitfinex or Binance, which are vulnerable to high-profile hacks and personal data leaks.
Unlike MakerDAO, Ampleforth doesn’t strive to create a rock-solid stablecoin. Instead, it comes up with the notion of “adaptive money built on sound economics”, with its mission stretching out as far as to marry “the scarcity of Bitcoin with the elasticity of fiat”. It tries to go beyond the relatively simple concept of a stablecoin and brings forth the idea of elastic money supply that can expand and contract depending on market demands, as well as allow the creation of a valid form of collateral for DeFi based on that idea.
Obviously, DeFi is not just about stablecoins or the financial services using them. Blockchain-based borrowing and lending is another important DeFi arena. With platforms like Compound, dYdX, Dharma, you can deposit your crypto assets to either earn interest on them or use these assets as collateral for borrowing. Smart contracts automatically match borrowers and lenders, offering dynamic interest rates based on supply and demand. And with tools like LoanScan, you can also easily shop around for the best interest rates on the block.
These examples are far from exhaustive, of course, as the space is rapidly expanding and evolving. However, there are some fundamental issues that put grit into the wheels of the DeFi war machine.

So where’s the catch?

There are many advantages of DeFi, but to be of any practical use, it needs up-to-date information that would be reliable and authentic. Smart contracts that DeFi is based on are hopelessly on-chain, but the data they need for processing is mostly off-chain. Without a bridge to close this gap between a smart contract and its source of external information, smart contracts are entrapped in closed-off dungeons of their blockchains. To be sure, no crypto-based stablecoin is going to work correctly without a real-time price feed for the assets taken as its collateral and used for maintaining the peg.
To get around this roadblock, a concept of blockchain oracles has been suggested. But as the chain cannot be stronger than its weakest link, blockchain oracles seem to be that weak link in the field of DeFi and beyond as obtaining information in a verifiable way can be an intimidating task. What approaches dApps are taking to procure and verify sources of truth in the external world is the topic of our upcoming article about blockchain oracles. Stay with us and stay tuned!
And remember if you need to exchange your coins StealthEX is here for you. We provide a selection of more than 250 coins and constantly updating the list so that our customers will find a suitable option. Our service does not require registration and allows you to remain anonymous. Why don’t you check it out? Just go to StealthEX and follow these easy steps:
✔ Choose the pair and the amount for your exchange. For example ETH to BTC.
✔ Press the “Start exchange” button.
✔ Provide the recipient address to which the coins will be transferred.
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Crypto Trading and Investing: What are Crypto Exchanges?

Crypto Trading and Investing: What are Crypto Exchanges?
To date, a total of 6,324 cryptocurrencies are in circulation this year, with a total market cap of over $300 billion based on the recent CoinMarketCap data.
With that total market cap, people begin to have an interest in crypto trading which resulted in the increase of businesses offering exchanges for digital currencies. So what are crypto exchanges and how does this work? In this article, we will talk about crypto exchanges to better understand their usage based on your needs.
Crypto Exchanges Explained
Cryptocurrency Exchanges or crypto exchanges are digital marketplaces that offer or allow exchange from one cryptocurrency to another, crypto buying and selling, and fiat to crypto conversion vice versa.
Though referred to as “exchanges,” these platforms serve an additional purpose aside from exchanging coins. There are various crypto exchanges available in the market, and each has different options, features, and fees. Exchanges can be classified into two types: decentralized and centralized. Under these classifications fall different kinds of exchanges namely peer-to-peer exchanges, brokerages, trading platforms, and mixed or hybrid exchanges. Traders may choose which among these exchanges to use depending on their scale of knowledge and feature requirements.
Decentralized exchanges are crypto exchanges where the coins are held by the owner rather than a third-party authority. Usually, Crypto transactions under this category are settled in the blockchain. Peer-to-peer and instant exchanges fall into this category as both exchanges allow traders or users to buy and sell crypto without the need of any central authority. Instant exchanges allow users to simply exchange one crypto to another without trading it against another trader. On the other hand, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) exchanges allow users to trade between individuals. Once settled, the two parties will coordinate on how will they complete the transaction.
Centralized exchanges are exchanges that are somewhat similar to the stock exchanges and are the most common ones available in the market today. These exchanges cater almost all kinds of users, from newcomers up to seasoned crypto traders. What sets them apart from the decentralized exchanges is that each of these centralized exchanges has a central authority responsible for the overall fund management, functionality, security, and upgrade operations. These are far easier to use as almost all the necessary tools needed for trading a provided by these exchanges. Examples of these exchanges are trading platforms such as Binance and Bithumb. There are also brokerages that function similar to a trading platform but differ in crypto pricing as these are set by the brokers.
Getting Started with Crypto Exchanges
Crypto exchanges have a different set of fees and features. These exchanges do not support every coin available in the market, which is why many traders use more than one platform.
On how to get started depends on your location as there are specific laws and guidelines governing crypto exchange in each country. There are unregulated and unavailable exchanges in certain countries, which is why it is better to research first your country’s regulations before trading.
Different crypto exchanges offer different options, services, and infrastructure. Before trading, it is better to know the reliability, trading fees, method of payment, coin offerings, security, and insurance (if available). Know the verification requirements and always READ the fine print provided by these exchanges.
Where to trade?
Based on the recent data of CoinMarketCap, there are more than 300 cryptocurrency exchanges in the market today with a combined 24-hour volume of almost $59 billion. Choosing which among these exchanges will depend on the cryptocurrency of choice and the platform suitable for each trader need.
In the case of Swipe Token (SXP), it is listed on a variety of exchanges such as Bilaxy, Kucoin, DigiFinex, Uniswap, BQ.Net, CoinTiger, Bithumb, Bithumb Global, IDEX, Bittrex Global and Binance. These allow traders to have a variety of options on where to trade SXP as these exchanges have different set services and functions.
It is vital for any existing and upcoming crypto traders to have extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency and trading. Having sufficient knowledge will not only help your way up in the trading system but also will help you avoid the possibility of losing your coins due to any fraudulent trading transactions.
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Where to buy Matic without KYC

Hi! I’m looking to buy Matic but found some of the smaller exchanges aren’t white an option (IDEX has limited volume, OMGFin and Bitforex are scammy and display false data on their order book).
Since I’m buying a small amount to start with, I don’t necessarily want to go through the KYC process with Binance (not that I need to stay anonymous, I’d just rather not send my PII all over the place.).
Are there any reputable places that sell Matic? Any recommendations? Thanks!
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Where to buy LTO (from the US)?

I'm thinking about getting into LTO in the near future.
But, I'm not sure how to buy it.
Binance, Idex, BitMax, LiteBit don't allow US customers.
Coinswitch doesn't require registration and might work, but it uses Idex/Binance/etc, and I have yet to come across positive feedback regarding Coinswitch (outside of its own communities). I don't want to send crypto to coinswitch just to find out that my transaction won't go through (or otherwise to be charged a 10% fee).
Bilaxy might work, but I haven't come across feedback, and they only allow swaps via USDT. Lastly, Hotbit is an option, and my research tells me it is a legit but sketchy exchange.
Has anybody here ever bought LTO from the US?
One more question: I am currently using Infinito Wallet, which supports LTO as an ERC20 token. If I send LTO mainnet tokens to that wallet address, will I lose them?
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