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July 17th 2020 - Binance Charts

July 17th 2020 - Binance Charts submitted by signalsandcopy to u/signalsandcopy [link] [comments]

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Binance Chart Korea's hottest financial
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Using Binance chart with data history back further than 2017

I am trading Bitcoin on Binance, most likely as most of the people here. When I am charting I use Tradingview on a separate screen. Since Binance only lauched in July 2017 I can't display the 200 MA weekly.
Is there a way to plot the Bitcoin 200 MA weekly on the Binance chart in Tradingview any other way? For example, using the data of Bitcoin Bitstamp before July 2017?
submitted by Cryptokooi89 to BitcoinMarkets [link] [comments]

@cz_binance: Charts taken from:

@cz_binance: Charts taken from: submitted by rulesforrebels to BinanceTrading [link] [comments]

What happened to all binance charts on tradingview?

Since a few minutes ago, all binance charts in tradingview are invalid.
Can someone clarify what is happening?
submitted by MaximousDarwin to binance [link] [comments]

Anyone controlling the price?binance chart.

always someone dump a large sum of bat in a short period of time? Any reason behind it?
submitted by c2h2pro to BATProject [link] [comments]

[windows][issue] Binance chart tools not working using Brave browser

Hi all,
i would like to report a problem using Brave on Binance. When i open an "advanced trade" page (like this ) everything works good until i leftclick on the chart (ex. to resize it), then the toolbar disappear (the bar on top of the chart, [TIME] [INDICATOR] and so on).
Am I the only one to notice it?

EDIT: Solved uninstalling and Reinstalling Brave.
submitted by M1ndBl0w to brave_browser [link] [comments]

Do binance charts suck as bad as I think they do?

Anyone know how to make the binance charts show history? They seem to suck worse than any other charts I've seen.
So I'm wondering if I have made some user error.
submitted by Drunkinskater to CryptoMarkets [link] [comments]

What in the world just happened to Ethos on Binance Charts

Am I missing something?? Is this just a common visual thing? First time seeing something like this... Could anyone please explain.
submitted by foxrih to ethos_io [link] [comments]

Can someone help me understand the volume graph on Binance charts? What do these numbers mean? Thankyou!

Can someone help me understand the volume graph on Binance charts? What do these numbers mean? Thankyou! submitted by Dan7322 to BinanceExchange [link] [comments]

Binance Charts Help - A few problems

I searched and read threads in this sub and Google on Binance charts but I have found no answers. I am really liking binance and moving away Gdax and Kraken.
Binance charts are hardly useable for me. I understand most charts and charts in general and have no problems on other exchanges. My main problems with Binance charts now are:
  1. 1 week is the maximum I can see? I have no options for looking at movement beyond a week? Thats a dealbreaker.
  2. No option for simple line chart? Thats almost a deal breaker.
  3. My 1 week view is always scrunched in the left 10% of the chart. I understand zoom and I use my scroll wheel to zoom but I need a default setting so I can do quick glances.
  4. USD amounts. I need them. Not just in charts but also just about everywhere else if possible. Again "quick glances" save me time.
Now there are more problems but I need to get past these 4 problems before I can even think of using Binance charts. Right now I keep open in another tab for charts. I keep a calculator open in another tab for USD.
Thanks for the help and if you have solutions to suggest for any of these problems I will appreciate it.
submitted by Tre_Walker to binance [link] [comments]

Binance charts

Might be a bit basic, but my charts have enlarged (or i have enlarged my charts) making them unreadable and my brain hasn't figured out how to reduce it to normal size. Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance the to kind person who tells me how to do it!! :-)
submitted by Gazaroni to binance [link] [comments]

Cobinhood and Binance charts. No time adjustment, Cob peaked the same amount of time as BNB . According to these charts we are at the bottom of the dip now.

Cobinhood and Binance charts. No time adjustment, Cob peaked the same amount of time as BNB . According to these charts we are at the bottom of the dip now. submitted by ComplexityComplexity to cobinhood [link] [comments]

Binance chart will be added to TradingView real soon !
Gotta say good buy to laggy chart that I have to use banana as a trendline.
submitted by Alkung to binance [link] [comments]

Binance Charts

OK guys... Binance charts are intolerable. Is there any way to work around this? Plug ins? Extensions? ..I was thinking Coinigy but they apparently stopped that. How do I get something comparable to Trade View charts? ...No the advanced tap isnt capable. Thanks.
submitted by uriimu to BinanceExchange [link] [comments]

Trying to game the trending Binance charts

Ok just curious, is it a common technique to look at the Binance trending charts inside Binance, and trying to leverage some gains in there? The big problem I am seeing is that Binance only shoes a 24 hour trending percentage, so its not really indicator if the coin is on the rise in that moment or not. In other words, the coin could have had a huge gain 18 hours ago but now it is on the downslope.
Im still new to this but trying to stay on top of this I have lost a few hundred bucks lol.
Im not asking for handouts here, but does anybody have any general advice for tactics or techniques to get a better shot at this? thanks!
submitted by RlDE_the_LIGHTNING to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

A big asking wall . Will the price pop after the wall fals. Checkout the depth on the binance charts.

submitted by yorgu to icon [link] [comments]

Off-Topic • Binance Charts and Trading now on Metatrader 5

submitted by btcforumbot to BtcForum [link] [comments]

Binance charts only show date from middle of September onward.

Hi, is anyone else having trouble using the Binance advanced market charts? Mine only show data from mid September onward which makes reading the daily or weekly charts impossible.
My mouse pointer turns to little horizontal arrows when I hover over the chart but when I try to drag it to the left in order to see an earlier date nothing happens.
Here is an image of my chart so you know what I mean:
Any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks guys :)
submitted by Sisquitch to binance [link] [comments]

Anyone else with slow Binance chart on certain web browsers?

Does anyone have issues with the Binance chart being slow while trying to zoom in or move it around? When using google chrome on my Imac, Binance chart lags to the point of being unusable, all other browsers work fine, as does Chrome on my laptop. I usually use chrome because of the ledger wallet apps as well as having lastpass/yubikey set up there. Have tried updating everything and clearing all data with no luck....any help appreciated.
submitted by _al_an to binance [link] [comments]

Website with better Binance charts

I know TradingView and do not support Binance, are there any other sites?
submitted by raymanh to binance [link] [comments]

[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] Binance charts don't show much info

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Buying back into Swipe (SXP) on Binance - YouTube July 17th 2020 - Binance Charts Binance API Tutorial (Part 8) - Real-Time Candlestick ... Binance Trading Tools - Binance Technical Analysis - [Part 1] Chart Binance/Bittrex Cryptos on MT5

What Is Binance Coin (BNB)? BNB was launched through an initial coin offering in 2017, 11 days before the Binance cryptocurrency exchange went online. It was originally issued as an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum network, with a total supply capped at 200 million coins, and 100 million BNBs offered in the ICO. However, the ERC-20 BNB ... Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume Binance Price (BNB). Price Chart, Trade Volume, Market Cap, Highest and Lowest Prices, Exchange Rate, Latest News and more. Learn more at Binance Academy. ... A triangle is a chart pattern that’s characterized by a converging price range that’s typically followed by the continuation of the trend. The triangle itself shows a pause in the underlying trend but may indicate a reversal or a continuation. In this tutorial, we’re going to chart the Bitcoin/Binance USD (BTCBUSD) currency pair. If you don’t have one already, go ahead and create a free account (there’s a pro subscription available, too, but it isn’t necessary for this guide). Follow this link, and you’ll see a chart resembling the following:

[index] [74] [350] [421] [211] [192] [209] [538] [484] [288] [521]

Buying back into Swipe (SXP) on Binance - YouTube

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. As of January 2018, Binance was the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world in terms of ... Binance trading tools and indicators are often overlooked by crypto traders, but for those who use these tools, it's like getting the answer key for free. The ETH/BTC 1-day chart over the past 9 ... Signup for my wealth alerts @ Buying back into Swipe SXP as it is on the 20EMA Daily Chart. This is a great entry point and I thin... Why use MT5 to chart Binance cryptos? Well, up to date, most charting tools on crypto exchanges are limited for rapid strategy development and testing, and also automation. We need more advanced ... In this video, we initialize Lightweight Charts using historical candlestick data from the Binance API. Once the initial chart is rendered, we dynamically up...