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matic withdraw from binance to matic wallet problem

Hi ,
I just transferred from my binance account to my new matic wallet a small amount of matic tokens. on binance showed me 1 h ago that it's completed and still no tokens on my matic wallet since then. how long does it normally take to see my tokens into my matic wallet ? hope that someone can help me with this. thank you.
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To those having issues withdrawing from Binance - Solution

If you're trying to withdraw your ada from Binance to the new Shelley address (one that starts with 'addr'), and you're getting a red error message stating the address format is wrong, your browser is the culprit - clear your cache and cookies for Binance.
I faced this issue trying to withdraw to a Shelley address AND adding a Shelley address to the whitelist.
I then tried logging into Binance in private window (no stored cookies or cache), and tried again to add the Shelley address to my whitelist and also trying to withdraw, and faced no issues and no longer received the error message, which means the browser is the problem.
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Cant Withdraw From Binance DEX

Hi. I cant withdraw from Binance DEX to my MEW. What is this sorcery? It says "Invalid Address". Same goes for MetaMask. Anyone experienced this?
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Withdrawing from Binance DEX

Hi. Basically I'm not a trader, so please forgive me for a noob question. I only need a reliable way to store my money in fiat (to secure the funds) until I decide to withdraw it. Previously I used WEX until it closed and I lost a lot of money in there, so I thought that a decentralized exchange would be more reliable. So I created a wallet on Binance DEX, but... I don't see any "Withdraw" button or any means to transfer coins to another wallet. Then I thought "right, they don't actually store my coins, so I should be able to just open this wallet somewhere like in Electrum or any other wallet and access it from there". But during creation of my wallet I didn't click on "View my private key", so I only have my keystore file and the password to it. So how do I access my wallet outside of Binance DEX website now?
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EUR withdrawal from Binance

Hello, fellow bitcoiners!
I invested 1,000€ in Binance in a good moment and now I want to withdraw the 1,000€ and keep the earnings (around 670€) to HODL. What is the best way to get those 1,000€ back to my bank account? I have the following options in the Binance Fiat Withdrawal URL (
- Advcash.
- Perfect Money.
- Epay wallet.
- Payeer wallet.
- Okay Pay.
I don't have any accounts in any of those services, so I wanted to know your expert's opinion. Thanks!
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Withdrawing From Binance

Hey guys,
I'm completely new to Zilliqa and fairly new to Ethereum tokens overall. When withdrawing my purchased Zilliqa from Binance to a wallet, I get the option to choose between the ERC20 and ZIL networks.
Could someone please explain to me the difference between using these for withdrawing? If I'm guessing correctly, one would be using the Ethereum network and the other Zilliqa's own network, but are there any differences in terms of speed, reliability, security etc.?
Thanks in advance! Zilliqa looks very interesting and I'm excited to see the future of this project!
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Withdrawing from Binance DEX

I am unable to withdraw from Binance DEX because it is BEP-2 and every other wallet is ERC-20. The Crypterium swap website is also non functional and when I asked support I just get told that they cannot perform the swap for technical reasons. Then they suggest I sell my BEP-2 tokens and purchase them elsewhere, but there is no market for buyers on Binance DEX specifically because of this reason!!

Support was extremely unhelpful and just kept saying "No ETA" even when I asked how long it had been broken for. Anyone else in the same boat
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Can't withdraw from Binance?

Hi, getting back into things after a long hiatus! I had left my ICX on Binance (yes, dumb, I know), but now I'm trying to withdraw to my ICONex wallet on Chrome. I copied my deposit address, but Binance does not recognize it as a valid address... What's going on?
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Withdraw from Binance Dex

Hey guys,
Just withdrawn some Nexo on BEP2 from binance into my nexo wallet - everything is a success from the binance side which occurred 15 mins ago - but nothing appeared in my nexo wallet yet. Anyone of you know how long it may take?
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Is it possible to withdraw from Binance Lending before the 2 week term is over?

Let’s say I put $200USDT into lending but after 1 week the price of BTC drops and I want to access my Tether to buy. Can I do this? Even if I lose the interest or face a small fee.
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Withdraw from Binance?

Binance has opened up withdrawals for almost every other coin, anyone have any idea when they will open them up for IOTA? Would really like to get my coins off of the exchange.
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Withdraw from Binance > NanoVault Stuck at Pending

Pretty much what the title says. Withdrew some Nano from Binance for the first time in a while and it's been pending for about 5 hours now. (Looked up the tx on nanocrawler and it was sent to the correct address) I've cleared the work cache, made sure Ledger Live wasn't running, and nothing has changed. Anyone have any advice or do I just wait it out and it should go through?
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With MuvWise you save 70% withdrawal fees while withdrawing from Binance

With MuvWise you save 70% withdrawal fees while withdrawing from Binance
Somebody just withdrew 0.005 BTC from Binance & paid 0.0004 BTC in withdrawal fees! Paid 8% of the withdrawal amount in fees! But you can save 0.00028 BTC if you use MuvWise.
Reduce expensive withdrawal fees with MuvWise
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Why can't I withdraw from Binance? Clicking skip on popup message about how 2FA increases security take me back to withdraw page without submitting the request.

I'm trying to withdraw from Binance but cannot. When I click on the withdraw button, a popup tells me that activating 2FA would enhance security which I skip for now acknowledging the risks and continue but it won't submit the withdraw request.
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Can’t withdraw from Binance. It says US customers can’t verify identity with Binance. I’ve made many withdrawals in the past, the last time I tried it said I had to verify my identity as I had done before. Went through the process of verification and received the message about US customers?

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I tried to withdraw from binance, but i never received it. I come to find out the receiving address is different than the address circled in red! Anyone know where my nano went?

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Can I make a trade and withdraw from Binance using CURL?

Can I make a trade and withdraw from Binance using CURL?
If so, how?
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Withdraw From Binance to IOST IWALLET

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ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!?! 100 tron fee and 80 funfair fee to withdraw from Binance!

Just bought a decent amount of FunFair and Tron...
costs 80 and 100 to move.


Just checked bittrex "only" 26 Fun to move Fun.
kinda livid.
What's up /binance ?????
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Does anyone know what the 5 million nano withdrawal from Binance’s cold wallet is about?

Over 5 million nano was transfered out of binances cold wallet today. The remaining balance was exactly 22 million, so I’d think it was binance themselves doing this. Does anyone know why?
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Withdrawing from Binance

Hi team, complete newbie here. Brought some crytpo on binance, wanting to know if I need to set up some sort of coinbase type account to be able to withdraw my crypto from binance? For future reference of course. Also, how do I withdraw crypto to NZD otherwise?
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Forgot to withdraw from binance

Hello my friends,
I forgot to withdraw my coins from binance and now it seems to be gone. I am very stressed. What are my options if binance give me my coins back? what is the best exchange ?
Thanks, Tao
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How to withdraw your Tokens from Binance Exchange How To Withdraw Bitcoin From Binance Withdrawing your XRP from Binance Binance - How to Withdraw Crypto from an Exchange HOW TO WITHDRAW YOUR NAIRA TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT FROM BINANCE

Visit and Log in to the Binance account. 2. After the login, click on [Wallet] - [Spot Wallet ]on the upper right-hand side of the page. Then, click on [Withdraw] button on the right banner. 3. Input the abbreviation or full name of a coin/token to withdraw, or select from the list. I am going to stop using Binance. I think its a scam. I bought some Stellar coins for $ 3000.00 last week and they wont let me to withdraw it. I paid the fees you asked for and now you wont let me to withdraw. This is bullshit. Stop controlling my money like a greedy bank. I have the freedom to move my coins around the way I like. This guide will assist you with the withdrawal process for your ACH payment method. You can enter the amount you want to withdraw from your current USD account balance. You'll then receive an email by Prime Trust requiring your confirmation to authorize the withdrawal. Depending on which Binance you use there are different types of ‘withdrawals’ you can do. There are currently three different Binance exchanges, the original (Binance), Binance Jersey, and Binance US. You can withdraw your cryptocurrencies from Binance to another cryptocurrency wallet address (exchange or your private wallet) Binance – How to Withdraw from Binance? Well, withdrawing your funds from Binance is quite easy, but that’s just a small part of the game. See, Binance has become one of the most widely used platforms in the crypto industry and its popularity has grown exponentially.

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How to withdraw your Tokens from Binance Exchange

How to deposit and withdraw on Binance - Duration: 6:09. KIFS Crypto 30,117 views. 6:09. How To Transfer XRP From Binance To Coinbase 2019 - Duration: 11:53. Quick walkthrough of how to withdraw crypto from Binance Timeline: 0:00 Binance Funds - Withdrawals screen 0:45 Setting up the details of the withdrawal 2:05 Status of a transaction 3:10 txid and ... In this video, we show how to easily withdraw your tokens from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. This short demonstrative video shows few several steps on how to use your wallet in Binance ... How to Use Binance - Buy, sell, deposit and withdraw on Binance Exchange - Part 1 - Duration: 15:25. Ifiok EA 73,405 views. 15:25. How To Scale Your Trading Account To $100,000 - Duration: 23:41. This is a short tutorial on how to withdraw your cryptos and fiat from binance to your personal wallet. You can register to trade on through this...